October 28, 2010

Locked Up

Last night I was out walking with a friend when we saw that Volunteer Park's Water Tower was open.  There was another group up top so it seemed safe to venture in.  We climbed the spiral stairs, looked at the amazing nighttime view, then came down.  That's when we noticed the door was locked--cast iron doors with a heavy chain and two large padlocks .  Well, surely the second door was still open, right?  Nope.  Park security had locked us in!

Thankfully we both had cell phones.  After trying the park security line, with no success, my friend dialed 911.  We waited about 15 minutes, enough time to take some pictures and be very glad we weren't stuck for  the night.  Then the police let us out.  They were quite nice, too.  Thank You SPD!!!

1 comment:

  1. thank goodness you got out ok and did not have to wait until morning! and wow at the staff not checking. They should get fired. Checking for people is just basic logic.


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