October 18, 2010

Hemming Chiffon

Can you think of anything less appealing?  It's poly chiffon, btw, not silk which I've heard is nice to work with.  I was making progress, having gathered part of the 1930s blouse to attach the second sleeve, when I remembered that I was stopped at hemming the cowl neck.  They're raglan sleeves so the neckline needs to be finished first.

Luckily I just read a technique!  Hemming poly sheers by hand is on my list of "never-do's" so a machine technique that works is just up my alley.  Bunny, La Sewista, may have the answer!  She super starches the sheer, folds under the seam allowance, then sews a 2mm zig zag hitting just past the fold.  This finishes and rolls the edge for you, and you trim off the extra seam allowance and are done!  Thinking back I know I've done this before, but without starch.  I forgot to fold the edge when attempting this on Sat, hence the raggedy mess of fail.  If unsuccessful I'll serge the edge, fold under, and topstitch to finish.  It's going to be done somehow!

I promise photos just as soon as I have something to show :/


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