October 28, 2010


The bad couch is gone!  Nice mover guys came and took it away this afternoon.  As they took it out I realized that the couch I wanted would never have fit into my living room.  Ameer Radwan at Couch neglected to mention that the frame he ordered flares out at the back--a lot!  At least 9" from seat to upper back!  A straight backed couch, like the one I had, would have fit fine.

So now I'm going to experiment.  I shall take my upholstered chair, masking tape a large piece of cardboard to the back to replicate the desired height, and see whether it fits through my truncated hallway.  I love doing this kind of thing.  Before I moved in here I measured everything, graphed it out to scale, used scale furniture models from a previous move, and decided on furniture placement.  Worked out great!


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