October 16, 2010

Relationships and Geography

Seattle is surrounded by water: we have four lakes in and around the city, Puget Sound on the west, and bridges and canals to connect everything.  Bellevue and Redmond are across the largest lake, over two skinny little floating bridges with horrible rush hour traffic.  We have no real transit, just two bus systems that don't coordinate with each other: one in Seattle, one on the Eastside.

My guy lives and works on the Eastside, I live in Seattle, and sometimes it feels like we're star-crossed lovers.  He's looking to move and the best option looks very close to work.  I don't want him to spend his whole day commuting and working, which is what he does now (no 8hr work days no matter what he says).

There's really no good solution.  It's just frustrating.  I was hoping that he could have a good, fast commute and we live nearby and do fun stuff together.  Instead it's another step half-sideways in the relationship.  At least it's change.  But what happens if and when we want to live together?  How is that supposed to work?  Argh.


  1. I suppose you would go live with him where he lives?

  2. @Lain
    I have no idea. This is so complicated. I'll email you.


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