October 11, 2010

Who Am I?

Today I saw the boots I wore last night and briefly didn't recognize them.  Or, more precisely, didn't recognize myself as the kind of woman who would wear them.  I used to see women who shone with the beauty of self confidence.  I never thought I could achieve poise.

I was always shy and quiet.  A terrible relationship caused me to lose sight of my own value.  I emerged from that stronger and more confident that ever which is just amazing.  I gained the courage to cut my hair very short--something I'd wanted to do since my teens but was too scared to carry out.

I know that I have stopped fearing what others think, trust my own opinions, and truly love myself.  It took twenty years but I got there!  I work each day to keep this confidence in myself, especially as a disabled woman.

Do any readers have similar stories of their own?  I'd love to hear...


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