October 12, 2010

UFOs (UnFinished Objects)

I have a few--we're only talking sewing now, k? lol  I also have several projects in the planning stages.  I thought I'd list some to give myself a kick in the butt and hopefully polish some off!

Oldest: Brown/Purple faux suede jacket, lined and interlined for warmth.  I started this right: made a muslin and fitted the pattern before cutting.  Then I realized that I'd get very little use out of such a thin jacket.  I found some awful poly stable knit, perfect to add warmth, and it has stretch to match the suede.  The jacket was sewn together at this point, however, so I needed to rip out the seams and resew them.  I also had done no tailoring so wasn't sure how much interfacing, what kind, where.

Now I've learned a bit more and have a cool buttonholer device.  Once the 1930s blouse is out of the way I'll try to finish this jacket and wear it this autumn.  Or winter...or next spring.

Most needed: A quilt.  An autumn leaf-shaped quilt for a sofa throw.  It's beautiful and I only need to finish the quilting then bind it.  It's not too hard to straight line quilt, it's the free motion that's worrying me.  I've never made a quilt using free motion quilting, thus have very little experience with it, so am not very good.  I need to give up the idea of it being perfect and accept that it'll be good enough, and done.

Main problem with this one: Once I'm set up to quilt I can't sew anything else, and vise versa.

Most under my skin: 1930s blouse.  I need to just finish it and move on.  I'm wondering whether the waist ties may help the saggy boob look.  Only one way to find out!

Newest: Some undies that just need elastic.  It's new fabric so I'm not sure how they'll fit.  Should take less than 2 hours to complete both pair.

So the plan is to finish the dreaded 30s blouse, set up the machine for quilting and work on it a bit each day.  This was working until I got the itch to sew clothes.  Theoretically I could set up the Singer for quilting but that's a whole new set of skills I don't want to try and master just yet, thank you very much.


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