October 31, 2010

Vintage Sewing Patterns!

I bought a box of 1950s-60s patterns on eBay with the plan of using one or more for my plaid dress.  Most of the patterns are 32 bust, I'm 34/36.  Several others are half sizes (petite).  I think I can alter my dress block with good results.  Hope you enjoy the pattern pron!

I can't decide whether this is "sexy date night" or flight attendant.

If I run across some winter white dupioni or suiting I might have to make it up, with 3/4 sleeves.

One of my favorite pictures, not sure it would work on me.  Maybe wool doubleknit in version 1?

I immediately saw Jacki of Modern Twist in this dress.  She wears vintage so well!

I like view B for myself.

I don't normally like the angled darts of the 60s but I might try this dress, sans bow.  Assuming I don't have trouble grading up a size.

The lone 40s pattern of the bunch, with nice button detail down the front.

I'm not sure what I think of this pattern.  The a-line skirt is nice...

I really like the tie neckline, though the skirt looks too full for my everyday wear.  Bearing in mind that I almost always wear jeans ;)

Simple, straight fit, kimono sleeves, though how flattering is it on women without giraffe necks?

Love these pleats!  Plus the pattern is proportioned, so theoretically I wouldn't have to fuss with the bodice length (I'm 5'8").

(Am I the only one picturing an infinite line of ever-smaller women?)

I'm considering using this bodice pattern and the pleated skirt above for the plaid dress.  Especially if I can match the bodice darts with the skirt pleats.

I have four Mail Order patterns now and really like their flattering lines and architectural feel.

And a couple later patterns that I found at Goodwill.  I can see myself wearing these...if I ever get the time and energy to make them!


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