September 20, 2010

Have Fabric, Now For Patterns

I bought some lovely fabric last year to make a couple dresses.  One is an earthtone cotton velveteen stripe, the other cotton plaid in blue tones.  I have some trims for these fabrics as well.

With the velveteen I really want to make a fitted jumper (sleeveless dress).  Buttons down the back, unless they would dig into my back and make me crazy.  I recently finished a dress block for myself so should be able to draft and/or drape a pattern.

The plaid is trickier.  Initially I bought it to make a hat (label said cotton cashmere, it was with wools, I had a fibro-induced moment of stupid).
Instead I'm hoping to get a dress from it--only 1.5yd but it's ~60" wide.  The face is smooth, the reverse side brushed. I'd like to use the reverse side as an accent.

Perhaps a 60s style sheath from the plaid?  Or Vogue's 8280 dress, inspired by Roland Mouret's Galaxy (this means nothing to me ;).  Very Prairie made two great versions.  Mine would likely be sleeveless.

I also have a Burda raglan dress that could be fun, too.  Having trouble with Blogger so raglan dress is down there ↓  Same reason I linked to the Vogue dress rather than loading a pic of the pattern cover (it wouldn't. pout.)

My plan is to decide on a few silhouettes, sketch them (preferably over a photo of me so the proportions are correct), cut out the dress and hold the hole over a scale image of the fabric.  Sounds good, eh?  But first I need to find some pattern possibilities.


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