September 10, 2010

One Of These Sleeves Is Not Like The Other

 Imagine my surprise when I finished sewing together my Scribble Lace Cardigan, only to see this:

Here's a closer view with the sleeves head to head.

Not only is one sleeve too wide, the gauge is looser as well.  Perhaps the 6 months between knitting the first and second sleeves contributed?  Wednesday night I spent a good 45 minutes removing the sleeve from the body, unseaming the sleeve, then unknitting the sleeve. The thick purple wool didn't want to cooperate but I won!  I'm reknitting it, following precisely what I did in the first sleeve.  Safety pins, much counting and paper and pen are involved ;)

This is quick to knit so hopefully I'll have a finished sweater within a few days week. Still need to decide on closures...perhaps french cuff-type buttons?  Any and all ideas or comments are welcome :)


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