September 26, 2010

Now With Photos!

I walked to get some groceries yesterday and took some pictures while I was out.
You can see a ferry and the Center arches (to left of Needle)

Last year HM and I were walking around a cool city neighborhood, back when me living there was just a hopeless dream and I was stuck in suburban purgatory.  There's a house with an amazing Passionflower vine covering an entire fence corner, just gorgeous!  I took a photo of one, with my crappy phone camera.
Nov 19, 2009
Then yesterday I passed the same plant and took another picture, this time with the awesomest camera HM got me.
Sept 25, 2010
So instead of feeling sorry for myself and how hard life is, I walk by the Passionflower and remember how freaking lucky I am to live here!  The only negative is lack of proximity to my guy.  Maybe my blog can become wildly popular and The Masses will convince him to move nearby ;p

PS: If you don't understand my smiley use it's probably because I don't follow the unwritten rules.  It's difficult to express emotion via the written word so I punctuate the best I can, using what makes sense to me.


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