September 26, 2010


It's been a busy couple days at Casa Me.  My guy had his surgery, recovery was better than I'd expected and now he's gone home.  The surgeon said things looked hinky but not pathological--is that technical enough without giving out personal information? lol  I discovered, once again, that I have the mother bear instinct when my loved ones are hurt or threatened: an intern was poking at HM's foot, does it hurt now? how bout now?  At first because he needed to, then because he was curious.  I was about ready to scream or start beating on him when the surgeon arrived.  He was a nice guy :)  Love the personality difference between surgeons and anesthetists.  I wanted to be a surgeon...thus I am a giant nerd.

In some ways it's nice to have some quiet time to do whatever I want (catch up on blogs).  But it's also lonely and I'm in more pain today.  Blah.  The whole finding people you like who have time is difficult.  Friends have new relationships, babies, general life changes, so I've been looking for new friends.  Boy is it hard.  I wish I could have a regular life, with energy to do stuff and choices about where I live, and with whom.  But I'm making the best of my reality.


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