September 21, 2010

My Poor Handsome Man

It's been a tough couple weeks for HM and I.  We've both had lots of pain but for different reasons.  My muscle pain is flaring though hopefully on the downswing.

HM has a very painful growth on the bottom of his foot that's not a Morton's neuroma as originally thought.  He saw the podiatrist today and got the bad news: surgery Fri am to get it out and figure out what the hell it is.  It may be a tumor, it may be trigger finger of the toe.  Luckily I live close to the hospital, and of course I'm taking him.  Why do they think they'll go alone? silly boys.

As if that weren't enough, he saw the dermatologist last Thurs and had 2 (rather large) moles removed.  So spent most of the weekend sleeping and hurting :(  He doesn't get to the doctor often, is it obvious?  So now he's hopping, in constant pain, with holes dug out of his shoulder and face.  So so sad.

Btw, it's difficult to carry on a relationship wherein both partners are ill.


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