July 19, 2011

Ruby Glass and Lace Collections

The main collection I'd like to share is Ruby Glass.  Ruby glass glows in the sun but the sun hid from my photographs!  I hope you can still see why I find it beautiful :)

I have several pieces, most manufactured in the US by Anchor Hocking from ~1940-1960s (more info).  I also own a modern dinner set.

Sherbet cups, a gift from my grandmother
Beautiful details!

Bud vases: two were gifts, one I bought

Windsor pitcher and two goblets
Modern cake plate

View through the cake plate

At right, my modern ruby/clear glass dish set.  It's in a box on a shelf...

I also have some glass pieces in other colors.  This is one of two pressed glass candy dishes I own.  It's holding vintage silk buttontwist :)

One of the fascinating things about clear vintage glass is that it often changes color as it ages.  You can help date pieces, or check their authenticity, based on the color.  A faint yellow color equates to  approx 50yo.  Pale purple makes it Depression era (at least it did 15 years ago, lol).

And an Amethyst glass dish, almost black in color until you hold it up to a strong light.

As I was photographing the glass I realized I have quite a few handmade lace pieces, too.  I realized that these are all cotton as well.  The smaller ones I made or were purchased, the larger ones are family heirlooms.

Bruges Flower lace, a type of bobbin lace

Crocheted bread mat w/ dimensional flowers, Bruges
Closeup: Crocheted mat, antique store find ($1!)

Knit cotton doily, first one I made

Family piece, crocheted dresser scarf of 5 motifs.

A single motif

Another family piece, a crocheted doily
I hope you enjoyed my collections!  Thank you for reading :)


  1. All very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow the ruby glass is gorgeous! ive never seen it before.

  3. @Susan
    Thank you :) It's so much fun to share these with others!

  4. @inkedintellect
    Thanks! My mom had some growing up and I always loved it. Ironically, most comes from closer to you than me.

  5. Oh Summer, your collections are beautiful. My Mother's Step-Mother had a huge collection of ruby glass, I have no idea where it went. Yours has that nice "old" patina. There are some reproduction pieces out there now, and they are nice, but the old stuff is divine! Your doily's are beautiful, your knitted one is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Corinne

  6. Ruby glasses and lace, what a lovely combination! I especially love that Brussels lace!
    Laurie...visiting from the blog tour

  7. @lahbluebonnet
    Thank you very much! I got a couple pieces of lace out to set the glass on, then realized it's a separate collection ;)
    My mom bought the Brussels lace for me ♥

  8. Stunning collections! I really love the ruby glass. Colored glass is so wonderful, and that red is just fantastic.

  9. I love red. Love the glass. And the lace. Such very pretty collections.

  10. The Ruby Glass pieces are relly impressive. They have such a beautiful rich color!
    I love the Brussels lace picture at the top, it's lovely. I too have a thing for lace & crochet doilies. :)

  11. the ruby glass is so pretty, I can see why you're attracted to it! I imagine that in the sun it's stunning.

  12. Thank you to everyone who commented! It really made my week to read them :)

  13. Oooh...pretty! I can totally see why you love ruby glass. Either it doesn't show up much in NZ or I've just been blind, as I haven't noticed it in op shops.

  14. @The Dreamstress
    Thank you :) I read that most 20th C pressed glass was made in Canada and the Eastern US. Even in Seattle we have much less of it than when I visit relatives in Pennsylvania. I imagine shipping glass, during the Depression, wasn't done often. You have all that lovely wool though!


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