August 22, 2011

Quilt Part 6

I finished outlining the stars last week!  Now to decide on border quilting designs.  For previous quilts I'd drawn a scale version in color to decide on block placement and borders.  Sketching quilting lines onto the drawing was easy.  This time I don't have a drawing so I used technology:

Curved border design

Option 1

Option 2
Drawn with a stylus on the camera's screen, not very impressive I know.  But better than nothing!

I think I prefer Option 1 with curves on the light blue border, then triangles echoing the star points for the outer border.  I have white thread to quilt the light blue border and cobalt blue thread for the darker border.

For the white areas between the stars, a free motion quilted loopty-loop thing (crudely drawn in Option 1).  Assuming I can get my free motion quilting up to scratch.  I could quilt it by hand but I have even less practice at that.  My other idea is an organic spiral design, also free motion.  I have plenty of scraps so better start practicing...

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