September 19, 2011


I am surrounded by idiots.  And I have a migraine, for the eighth day in a row.  But back to the idiots: someone (I hope it's only one person) in my building keeps setting off their smoke alarm and then the whole building's fire alarm.  Which calls the fire department, etc.

As soon as the alarms had stopped I hear some old dude-neighbor yelling down the hall.  He's pissed because someone broke a plate in the hall late Fri night, and he blames the boyfriend of a tenant.  So he decides to stand in his doorway and yell at her.  Wtf?  I talked to her today, she's nice.  We bonded over our mutual dislike of drama.

And I'm still single.  I'm tired of being single, of nobody having time for friends, of being too sick to make plans, tired of all this crap.  Why is half a life too much to ask for?

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  1. there is hope if you choose to maintain it, it is a hungry beast at times. my cousin, a diabetic since childhood lost her vision in her twenties, one eye removed there are shadows in the other, she nearly died from kidney disease, finally received a transplant, from her husband, who then killed himself, years of guilt and pain later she met a man who had lived a similar solitary life, not ill, just quiet. It has been 10 years since they have been together, many challenges, but they are one. Her Hope was the sustained her, she now has more friends and lives as she can. Do not give up hope. Hope sustains.


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