October 11, 2011

Birthday! and Shoe Trouble

It's my birthday week--that's how my family rolls.  My mom and I visited PikePlace Market yesterday, almost buying out the Piroshky store.  Yum!  I got so many birthday wishes from friends it made me all glowy inside.  Instead of feeling down about turning 35yo I've decided that I really like myself and I'm still lookin' good.  Though I may stay at 35 for a few years, hee hee.

New shoes, zappos.com
My new Docs are too big, like kick-ass waterproof boats for my feet.  Workable with extra insoles and thick socks, not so with tights and a skirt.  So back to the store they will go.  I'd ordered some bright purple Converse and today was refunded, seems they are totally sold out.  Bummer!

I went shoe shopping, again, and found some Ecco Mary Janes which are super comfy and fit the brief.  Though nowhere near the Docs, I will settle and be happy for shoes that don't need breaking in.

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  1. Happy birthday! Bummer about the shoes, though---good luck with finding (better) other ones!


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