October 23, 2011

Exciting Saturday

What a day!  I met up with a date this afternoon and we walked around the Arboretum then got dinner.  I'd invited to him to some friends' pumpkin carving party so we headed off to that.  I got to hold their baby (so cute, and soft), carve my pumpkin, and see friends.

I got home around 10pm ready to relax and read for a while.  Except I heard water dripping while waiting for the elevator...it was raining in the laundry room!  I called building maintenance, walked in my door, and the fire alarm went off.  I didn't even have a chance to fire up my jack o' lantern :(  Heading down the stairs I noticed that half the fourth floor was flooded and water was literally raining down the stairwell.  I'm so glad I live above this!!!  The fire department arrived just as I was leaving.

So I headed to a local restaurant, got a drink and hung out with the friendly staff.  Then headed back home to a no-longer-dripping building.  Apparently someone fell, broke their toilet, and didn't notice for a few hours.  Now I'm ready to read some, return a couple emails, and head to bed.


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