October 6, 2011

Baby Quilt Photos

Without further ado:
Quilt measures 57"x48"
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I really like that I had enough of the darker print, an almost pointillist design, to bind the quilt.  It adds a lot of interest to the back while blending with the outer border on the front.

I quilted in the ditch around the stars.  Then quilted diamonds in the large white squares where the blocks came together.  The secondary diamond design created is fun :)

The quilting creates a secondary design

Free motion quilted middle border, 
diagonals in outer border match stars' edges
The middle border was quilted more densely, in a loopy style to contrast with the straight lines of the quilt.  The outer border has simple diagonals, which leaves the fabric softer and puffier.  I stitched in the ditch between all borders.
The quilting is quite unlike what I'd originally planned, shown here.

Actual color of backing, cobalt blue

Closeup of quilting on back
I'm working on the label now, testing whether to write the message with Sharpie or embroider it.  Each has its pros and cons, so we'll see.


  1. very nice. your fabrics work very well with this design. some little baby will be very lucky!

  2. Wow! Amazing! You are soooo talented and its such a nice gift.

  3. @celkalee
    Thanks, I enjoy choosing the fabrics and colors.
    I hope the parents use it!

  4. @inkedintellect
    Thank you :) Next task is finishing one for myself.

  5. Wow. If we lived nearby I'd totally pay you to make one for me. I am learning to crochet now, so may make a blanket that way, but wow do I wish I had talent like you do. I told my coworkers about you, how you sew such wonderful things and they were very impressed.

  6. @inkedintellect
    Aww, shucks :) When I finish quilting the current one, I'd be happy to make a quilt for you.


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