October 27, 2011

No Yarn Harlot for Me; Halloween

She's here in (not quite) Seattle, speaking as I type!  But Thurs is my PT day and I hurt so much after, so no Yarn Harlot for me.  I've been knitting for 17 years and it's always fun to meet other knitters.

I need to figure out a Halloween costume.  I kind of suck at costumes.  The top contender this year is Troll doll.
Halloween 2010, with borrowed hat ;)

The other idea is to wear black pants with a black velvet stripe, black jacquard corset, black top, and accessories.  I have no idea what this would make me but it sounds cool!  Or I could glue a bunch of yarn and socks to myself and be Crazy Knitter Lady--not exactly a stretch, lol

Last year I was a Lady Explorer, complete with riding boots, khaki pants, fancy blouse, vest and giant hat.  It devolved by the end of the evening, hee hee.


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