October 2, 2011

New Shoes

It's my birthday next week and I had a lovely lunch with my mom today.  Then we went shoe shopping.  I found some Docs I really like, and have liked for about 15 years.  My birthday shoes:
Double Buckle Mary Janes  dmusastore.com
The idea is they'll work with skirts and jeans.  They're more unusual, not typical Mary Janes, but still actual shoes and will keep my feet dry.  I loved the Dr Martens store--they complimented my 6yo "distressed" Timberlands :)

The downer in my day was finding out that one of the only other single woman in my knitting group is getting married in a month.  I'd wanted to get to know her better, since she's fun and we seem to have a fair amount in common.  Not so much now.  I'm so tired of being single!

I've almost finished the quilt, though.  The quilting is done and I'm about 1/4 through the binding.  Then to make and attach the label and give it away!  The quilting turned out really well, if completely unlike my original ideas, and I'm happy it's done.  I got some good practice free motion quilting, and broke a few needles.  Side to side is best rather than forward and backward, fyi.  At least on my Pfaff with a vertical hook.


  1. Happy birthday! Shoes are a good way to celebrate.

  2. @The Slapdash Sewist
    I am happy for new shoes :) Also working on being a better person to fully enjoy other people's happiness without comparing my life to theirs.


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