November 4, 2010

Making Progress

Instead of reading other blogs and thinking how little I've done this week I'm listing what I have accomplished:

1) Finished knitting a super-top-secret project.  More to come when it's completely done and delivered.

2) Finished knitting and blocking the Sweater Without End.  Now to sew it up and crochet the button bands.  Or I may knit on button bands...we'll see whether I need extra bosoms room ;)

3) Photographed a large box of sewing patterns, added them to my computer catalog and uploaded them to Flickr and Picasa.  They are all titled and most have been appropriately tagged.  I noticed a few patterns are missing from the photo catalog so will remedy that soon.  Still need to organize and store them with the other patterns.

4) Mended two moth holes in Handsome Man's grey cashmere sweater.  It was its first outing this year and the mends are barely visible.  Repairs on my own black sweater are going slowly, due to lack of good lighting and the size of the mend.

5) Designed and knit a cowl/collar for myself.  I'll post when it's finished; first need to shorten it a little and add buttons.

Not bad!  Perhaps I should do this weekly to remind myself how much I get done.


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