November 27, 2010


Is there a worrier in your life?  I am not a worrier, not any longer.  I think I blew out my worry chip back in my early 20s, when chronic pain and disability became my destiny.  But my Handsome Man is a marathon worrier!  You name it and he'll worry about it.  He knows it doesn't help but he can't stop himself :(

I think a large part of my lack of worries is that almost none of the issues in my life are under my control.  My income is fixed, my schedule is regular, I live alone, I kick drama to the curb.  Even visits with HM are based more on his availability than mine.  I made the life I wanted, such as I was able, and it's as much to my liking as possible.  Even my feral tabby turned out to be a lap cat :D

Do you have a good way of coping with worrying?  I tell HM that he can always talk to me but he usually doesn't (he worries about that, too).  He reads this so maybe someone's advice can help him relax.


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