November 21, 2010

Pattern Drafting Book

Metric Pattern Cutting by W Aldrich
Just in this week...Metric Pattern Cutting!  

I gave up on inches and feet about a year ago, after a few drafting attempts.  Imagine my excitement when I heard about this metric drafting book, and found an affordable copy.  It came from UK via boat, so I had to put on big girl pants and be patient.  Now it's here :)

This edition was published in 1982 and shows its age mainly in the hairstyles.  There are basic block instructions and examples, shown in size 12 (88, 66, 93cm).  Then how to take the necessary measurements, and directions for drafting custom blocks plus fitting help.  Once you have created the basic blocks there are directions for drafting patterns for skirts, tops, pants, sleeves, collars, jackets, you name it.  There's even a short chapter on grading.  I haven't had a chance to try the blocks but the reviews are positive.

Table of Contents, a la Star Wars

Bodice Block

The bodice and sleeve basic blocks.  
You can see that the sleeve head is drafted from the bodice armscye.  It's an anatomically shaped sleeve as well, such as Kathleen Fasanella advocates.

There are written directions on the facing pages.  The directions are well laid out and easy to follow.
Sleeve Block

Fitted Coats Illustration

An example of the illustrations, this one for fitted coats and jackets.  Instructions are given to draft all illustrated patterns.
The basic dress blocks


  1. Oh, this looks like fun! I really like that coat #2 :). Pattern-drafting is something I keep flirting with and then chickening out of. Metric is definitely the way to go, although I still find myself falling back into inches... :)

  2. @tanitisis
    The mysteries of pattern drafting are definitely less mysterious with this book!

    I haven't gone fully Metric except in sewing. It's so much easier when your units match up with those of the machine. Plus no more adding or multiplying fractions!

  3. you are my hero for understanding metric!!


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