January 26, 2011

New (Vintage) Skirt

New Skirt!
I bought this skirt last autumn.  It's vintage A-line (early 70s?) homesewn, lined wool.  Read more here.  Unfortunately it was too big so I took in the side seams by a few inches and resewed the back darts, after removing half the waistband and unpicking some of the hem.  The original seamstress used teeny tiny machine stitches which were a nightmare to remove!

After basting and trying on many times I got a nice fit.  The skirt originally had no hip shaping, just straight lines from waist to hem, and the darts were flat-arse sized.

Then I noticed a small tear in the wool, near a side seam.  I decided to patch it from the back with some of the fabric trimmed off the seam allowances.  I used pick stitches around the patch and on the frayed threads, and it looks good.  Most importantly it's done!

The self fabric pockets bags didn't lie flat so I resewed them.  As soon as I put my hands in the pockets they stretched out again :/  I graded and whipped down the side seam allowances for a smoother line at the hip.  Then I restitched the hem and waistband, sewed the bar closure back on, and it was finished :)

Unfortunately the skirt is black, and I have neither a tripod nor a photographer, so the photos are crap.  Please also excuse the cat hair.

I like that this looks vintage yet works with so many pieces in my closet.  I even have boots to wear with it!  And I'm so not a shoe person.

Front pocket detail

Back of skirt

Back with zip open: shows lining, pinked
seam allowances and self fabric pockets

Skirt with new jacket

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  1. What a great find! I love finding vintage home sewn pieces. I feel a great kinship with the maker.


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