January 2, 2011

Red Lace Dress

I wore this beautiful new-to-me vintage dress for New Year's.  I'm amazed that a woman 50 years ago sewed this dress for herself, I found it, and it fits me perfectly!

Bloggers Gertie and Janice made vintage red lace dresses recently.  Mine is a wiggle style while theirs are full skirts, but otherwise very similar.  Gertie also posted several photos of vintage red lace dresses.

It was such fun to dress up, and I received many lovely compliments from my friends.  I wore seamed stockings, black heels, and vintage jewelry: a rhinestone necklace and ruby earrings.  The earrings were a Christmas gift from my parents.

I really like the gathered satin waistband and front draping.  The lace is fully underlined with red rayon or acetate faille.  It has a metal zip at center back, slightly exposed.  I gently handwashed the dress, pressed it from the inside, and made a couple small mends.  The dress is in great shape and I'm honored to be able to wear it.  The ILGWU tag, which dates it between 1955 and 1963, sewn into the center back skirt seam is a baffling addition to what's clearly a home sewn dress.

Much "wigglier" than my usual style
The satin drapes 

I can post some inside pics to show construction if anyone is interested.  They shatter the myth that vintage=couture construction! lol


  1. you have a model's body; love how this looks on you. and i am shocked that it was hand made! and that old! i totally thought it was new and store bought. whoever made it did an amazing job.

  2. @Lain
    Thank you. I feel great in this dress, too. It's such a find :)


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