January 29, 2011


Having read Kafka as a teenager I was aware of doppelgängers, but largely constrained their existence to literary device.  Until I met my own!  It was at a knitting group, so we're already off to a good start.  This young woman has a similar build, haircut, mannerisms and carriage, and similar name.  It was a bit unnerving but also amusing.

Do you have a doppelgänger, or know someone who does?  Do you believe in them?  Should one befriend one's other self or turn and walk away?


  1. Wow. Did you talk to her much? That is creepy..

    My friend Cheta met one and she said she automatically hated it cuz it looked like her and was mean to the woman. And the woman was mean back. Which means the woman probably hated Cheta too.


  2. @coffeeandvicodin
    I chatted with my doppelgänger--don't think she noticed the similarities.
    It didn't freak me out though. More an interesting experience.


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