January 18, 2011

Slow Sewing

I am a slow sewer.  I take weeks or months to plan a project, working out details in my mind and in a sketchbook.  When I do sit down to sew it's for as long as I'm interested.  Running into a tricky detail, needing to adjust fit, feeling tired, are all reasons for me to take a break.  I don't have the stamina that a healthy person does.

I find cutting tedious, sometimes tricky and it hurts my messed-up neck.  Cutting is scary: you start with unlimited options in the piece of fabric but each cut is a potentially ruinous mistake!  I really need to get over this fear and remember that it's only fabric.

Sometimes my slowness has benefits.  I'll think of a better way to complete an item, or solve a problem after subconsciously mulling it over.  A faux suede jacket I started a few years ago is still in pieces.  Because of this project I read as much as possible on tailoring and fitting.  I learned many new techniques.  It was the first muslin I made.

Halfway through I decided to interline the jacket so it would be warmer, thus more wearable.  Going back to it this winter I realized that the lining was cut to the same size as the (stretch) fashion fabric.  I now know that the lining needs to be cut larger, with a pleat at center back, etc.  I was given some fun pink silk that should be perfect for the lining.  I now have a large rotary cutting mat and serger so silk doesn't scare me ;)

Other times I frustrate myself.  The suede jacket could have been done two years ago if I'd just done it!  In striving for perfection I created nothing.  Now I'm trying to accept that good enough is just that.


  1. "The perfect is the enemy of the good" is one of my longstanding mantras. I take it too far into sloppiness sometimes, but it is useful to remember.

  2. @The Slapdash Sewist
    I like that :) I'm glad to be reminded of such good advice! I don't think you're sloppy at all.


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