March 22, 2011

Android 2.2 Wifi and Bluetooth Issue

We interrupt this crafty blog for boring software crap.

My phone's speaker broke.  I sent it to the manufacturer and the speaker was replaced along with a factory reset and 2.2 upgrade.  Now the Wifi and Bluetooth features won't work!  It says it's turning on Bluetooth but never does.  Wifi has an error message when it tries to connect and does nothing when I push Add Wi-Fi network.  Apparently this is a known issue but there's not app or whatever to fix it that I can find.  It worked fine before the upgrade.

I thought I'd throw this out there, in case anyone has some software knowledge.  Next step is harassing Google and calling the idiots at Samsung technical help.  Oh boy.

Update 3/27/11: Went to the AT&T store and they gave me a new phone :)  Now my problems are solved and I'm back to liking the phone.  Still need Captivate Keep Alive app.


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