March 25, 2011

Almost Sewing

I did get some jumper fitting done (yay!) and think I've nailed the problems.  Except that I was all set up to resew the bust dart, removed the pins, and the machine jammed.  Then the bobbin was out of thread.  So by the time I basted it by hand the seam came out wrong.  At that point I was done for the day.

Maybe tomorrow I can pin myself into the beast (I really should put a zip up the center!) and pin the dart correctly.  It's looking good, the parts I can see, so hopefully it's even better in photos :)   Meanwhile I'm in pain so spending the evening in with the cute Ella cat.

ETA: I just realized that this is my 108th post!  I'd like to do a pattern giveaway to thank my readers.  Please let me know if there's a type of pattern you'd prefer (vintage, dresses, men's, etc).  I have some 41" bust Mail Order 1950s patterns if anyone likes them.


  1. Dear Comprehensively Quirky,
    Just found your blog when you posted a sweet comment on mine about the snow that's going to fall on our daffodils.

    Wanted to say thanks and also to sympathize with your health struggles. I have them too -- a kidney transplant years ago means there are on and off times of illness, side effects, and complications, and energy and abilities wax and wane.

    Sewing is a good outlet, isn't it?

    Very best,


  2. Taking in-process garments on and off a million times is truly maddening. A temporary zipper is not a bad idea for some!


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