March 19, 2011

Jumper Progress

I've been planning a jumper since last year.  I started with my dress block, cut that out in cotton twill to create the jumper.  I'll use cotton velveteen for the final version, with chocolate brown velvet trim.  It will button down the front, or maybe a faux button closure with underarm zip.

I really liked My at Creative Accomplishments' plaid jumper from last summer.  I hadn't considered a below-knee hem or scoop back until I saw hers.  Plus, who doesn't love plaid?

Fitting Notes:

Front: I prefer the right side above the bust (my left) and left side below it.  I like wider straps as on the left.  A square neckline seemed like a good idea but would need to be cut lower to work.  This is an everyday dress, to wear alone or over a shirt, so the neckline can't be too low.

I marked the bust apex and took a few tucks to fine tune the fit, which I'll continue to do in the flat patterning.  I hope the waist wrinkles disappear with a softer fabric.

Back: The back is not terrible but needs a swayback tuck in the worst way!  It looks like the waist is too low but doesn't feel like it on.  I'll double check next time I try it on.  Nothing like seeing photos to highlight flaws.  I trimmed the armhole on the left side and need to trim it further.  The neckline is high but includes the seam allowance.

The next step is to continue tweaking fit until I'm satisfied, then trace it and make the pattern.  I'll lengthen the hem as well.  The hips fit surprisingly well and it's comfortable to sit in.

If I just stand with my hip cocked all the time it'll look fine!


  1. Really that's a lovely fit! Muslins are so tricksy. You might try shortening the waist a touch---i think it might help with the back wrinkles and the front side wrinkles both.I like the scooped neckline, too. Good work! :)

  2. @Tanit-Isis
    Thanks :) I think you're right about the waist, thanks for the second opinion. Shortening the torso is a first for this long torso gal!

  3. it looks GREAT!!!

  4. @inkedintellect
    Thank you! Hopefully it looks even better with some more fitting.


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