March 8, 2011


How my brain's been working recently:

No, my toes haven't rotated 90° around my foot.  I just knit it that way.  Just another fun way that pain affects my life, I suppose.

Luckily I only need to redo the toe, the rest of the sock fits quite well.  Even this wonky toe doesn't feel too bad!

I do have a happier success to share, one I meant to photograph better then forgot about.  I was too busy wearing it :)  I made up the pattern myself [ETA: I designed the shawl pattern, the lace pattern is traditional]

I finished this shawl/scarf on Valentine's Day and noticed that the pattern looks like hearts, though they're meant to be waves.  We had a couple weeks of winter weather after an early spring, just in time to wear it.  It's super soft merino :)


  1. Hee! The toe can't be any weirder than, say, tube socks ;).

    That shawl is gorgeous! Pieces like this tempt me towards knitting... But I will remain strong! I... Don't.... Have... Time! .... But I wish I did...

  2. @Tanit-Isis
    Thank you :) Maybe you could trade skills with a knitter friend--your cowl tops for her lace knitting!

    I have much more knitting time, because it's portable and can be done on my couch. When I'm feeling relatively good I'll sew, which isn't often.


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