March 29, 2011

Job Offer

Waiting for the bus yesterday I saw a woman from the local utility connecting the electric and gas for a new business.  She had a great big wrench and put her leg against the wall for leverage to tighten a fitting.  We started talking about tools and the even larger wrenches she has.  Then she said, "you should come work for me."  In my head I said Absolutely! while knowing it's impossible.

I've had three or four experiences recently of realizing a job would suit me well, then I stopped myself.  I haven't been able to work for years, and then only part time from home.  Maybe there is something in my future, a reason for these thoughts.  At least they don't make me sad anymore.  I would love my body to heal but have no faith that this will happen.  If I could just have enough energy for daily life plus a little extra for fun that would be amazing!

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  1. I meant to comment on this earlier. Its good you know that its okay not to work. It sucks to have to, and have to suffer through it every day, what with pressures to perform and you can't even show you're in pain.

    Maybe one day you will find something that works well for you, like you said. You never know.


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