April 27, 2011

American Apparel's Selling Mom Jeans

Unfortunately one of my bus stops is right outside an AA store and there they were in all their high waisted, tapered-leg glory.  Trust me, they look even worse on the hanger.  You can hit any thrift store and find many pair of these jeans, for much less than $80.

At least this model has a shirt on: the AA site is modeling them topless.  Another notch in the bedpost of bad taste for AA.

I'm proud in the knowledge that, in the event of a zombiepocalypse or 80s jeans making a comeback, I can sew my own!


  1. I am totally with you on this one! Although, at least the pockets aren't saggy. Being able to sew my own jeans gives me such a feeling of relief...

  2. These jeans are missing the baggy butt and puffy abdomen of the true pleated, tapered Mom Jeans. But they are an alarming step in the wrong direction.
    On the good side, no muffin top.

  3. Ha ha ha. They are mom jeans/Jessica Simpsons jeans.

  4. These are the jeans I wore in Jr High!


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