April 12, 2011

Good Day

It's been a long time since I've had such a good day!  I got out and walk/jogged over a mile today, with pain only a moderate imposition.  It was sunny, too :)  I'm going to try to walk again tomorrow to build momentum.

Later I had a coffee date, and it was my first good first date in 3 years!  [ETA: how could I forget about my Feb good date?  Doh]  We walked around, grabbed dinner, I showed him the not-so-scenic parts of my neighborhood (oops) and we talked.  We'll definitely see each other again.  I had enough time and energy left to catch the end of knit group, too!

My shoulder started to spasm before I got home, and I have a building migraine now, but that would have happened anyway.  All in all a great day, and I'm hoping the upward trend continues.  Who knows, I may be able to sew something soon :)  I need to look up how to sew straight-looking fisheye darts.  I adjusted the darts on my jumper mockup but they look curved.  Tomorrow I should get some better photos while the sun's out.


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