April 15, 2011

Knitting Progress

Finished body piece
I'm knitting a raglan sweater with silk bouclĂ© yarn.  It had been stashed away a few years ago when I realized that the hips were too small.  The sleeves are finished and fit well.  I'd tried working on it a couple times previously but couldn't get my gauge to match.

To fix the body piece: rather than ripping out the whole thing I snipped the yarn at the waist, put it back on the needles and commenced knitting down to the hips.  It turned out great!  I bound off with the super stretchy bind off, which I actually like better than the original tubular cast on edge :)

The fabric-drapy silk, yum!

Note to giveaway winners: I haven't mailed the patterns yet but I haven't forgotten about you!  It should be lickety split as soon as I find some envelopes.


  1. what gorgeous fabric!

    I was telling a friend at work about you. How i have a friend who is wonderful at sewing, and how you make dresses and pants and they look store bought. she was so jealous of your talent, kept saying how she wished she could do that.

    that is probably weird, but its a compliment.

  2. @inkedintellect rather, what a gorgeous job knitting it you did. i lovelovelovelovex10000 the color. if i lived near you id be begging you to make me something like that.

  3. @inkedintellect
    Thank you! I think it's a lovely compliment :)


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