April 25, 2011

Sewing and Weight

No Shirt For Me :(
I was ready to start a blouse on Friday when I realized I've gained enough weight to push me up a size.  Which is demoralizing enough, plus I'd cut the pattern to size 10 and I'm now a 12.  I could use another pattern, or use another version of the pattern to grade the pattern pieces up a size, but didn't have that much energy.  I'm frustrated by the idea of sewing a blouse that won't fit if/when I go back to my normal weight.  It takes so much of my free time and energy to sew something simple and I want it to last.

I'm not unhappy with my size, rather the fact that I'm out of shape and too sick to exercise regularly.  I could push myself and feel awful doing it, but then that describes much of my life already.  A couple years ago I was jogging regularly and in great shape, and felt good.  I miss being able to do so many things I used to enjoy.

At least I can knit again.  I've made some progress on the green silk sweater--cast on the 2nd body piece and am a few inches in.  Soon I shall have a sweater :)


  1. There's usually a lot of ease in Big 4 patterns - it might still fit just fine. Have you considered a muslin?

  2. I agree with Reethi. Check the final measurements on the tissue. You just might have enough ease already. And sometimes the difference between 10-12 is so miniscule that it's negligible. So move forward on this project. There will always be more projects to sew. Dress the body you have now and enjoy it.

  3. @Reethi\
    Thanks Reethi. Based on measurements I'm a 14, and a 10 would give 5mm ease. A 12 would give 1 1/2" and I could narrow the seam allowances if needed.
    The first blouse was to be a (hopefully) wearable muslin.

  4. @RiAnge Creations. Ltd.
    You're right Angela-worst case is I have a slightly loose blouse, perfect for hottest summer.


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