July 13, 2014

Summertime Update

Seattle is having a bona fide heat wave, days and days of weather in the 80s (~30C).  The next couple days are supposed to hit 90.  I have a really hard time with hot weather--this is why I live in the Pac NW!  Hey Marseilles, my favorite local band, is helping make things bearable.

I've been really sick.  I've been recording health data, and had to increase the lack-of-energy scale.  I started another new medication last month, but so far it's not helping either.  It really really sucks.  This state of affairs is scary.

I have been knitting a blanket, and that's going well.  I'm 30% through it, so I may yet tire of blanket knitting ;)  If not, I have an idea for the next one.

The blanket so far, first full strip folded over on itself

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