February 28, 2013

Never Ending Pockets

Between Burda and my pain-based congnitive impairment,  I've sewn (and unpicked) at least a dozen wrong pocket seams on these trousers  Last night culminated in a big mistake and needing to recut the hip pieces :(  Thankfully I had enough fabric.

I've switched from Burda's text directions to Simplicity directions with diagrams, and hope that helps.  I'm also stacking pieces together before sewing to reduce errors.  It is immensely frustrating to not be able to trust my brain on a day-to-day basis.  Especially when energy to sew is such a precious thing!

Here is where I left off:

Pocket pieces top, pant fronts under, pattern tracings all around

Waistband pieces: wool outer, organza lining, madras plaid inner waistband.
Front plaid piece becomes fly facing.

I was very frustrated last night.   Today I realized that once I've conquered the pockets it'll be pretty smooth sailing to finish the pants.  The next big step is inserting the fly zip and I have many visual resources for that.  I just hope these I can wear these trousers this late winter/early spring.  I even knit a vest to wear with them.

February 26, 2013

One Sleeve Down...

The whole thing,
basted shut
...most of a sweater to go.  But I'm looking on the bright side, so: Sleeve!

I started the second sleeve before finishing the first, since I had to wet block it to get an accurate length measure before starting the sleeve cap.  So it was nice to pick up after the ribbing and get right into cables again.

Here's a better photo of the cables.  I'm halfway up the forearm on the second sleeve.  It's going to be epic :)

February 25, 2013

Tiny Baby FO

I attended a friend's baby shower on Saturday and knitted baby mittens for it.  These were cute, used yarn I had on hand (the yarn shop didn't seem to want to sell me any!), and were happily received.  I hope they're one of those happy small objects that are used over and over and make life better.

Plum lacy baby mittens, with I-cord connecting them

All wrapped up for the party

This was by far the most fun baby shower I've ever been to.  It started at 4pm with little sandwiches and cupcakes, as well as a punch bowl full of Manhattans!  I didn't get home until 9.  A great time with friends, male and female, and a fun celebration for the soon to be parents.

February 24, 2013

Morning Routine

Each morning I wake to an alarm, even when I don't need to get up early.  Chronic pain often makes sleep unrestorative, which means I feel more exhausted when I wake then when I go to bed.  This does wear off but not quickly.  My Ella kitty takes the alarm as her signal that I'm ready to get up!  She starts calling to me, or whining, depending how sleepy you are.  Soemtimes she'll snuggle with me for a snooze or two, other times she's very insistent.

Once I do get up, open the blinds, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, open the other blinds and turn up the heat, she continues letting me know that she's been watiting all night for me.  Only when I finally walk into the kitchen, feed her, and kneel on the floor to pet her does she calm down.  Even though I do the exact same things every morning.  Then I take my meds and plop on the couch to check email and connect with online friends, and she takes up her usual spot on my lap.  And promptly goes back to sleep ;)

February 22, 2013

A Weekend Away

A couple weekends ago I went out of town to a beautiful house on the water. It was a great time with friends and something I wish I could do more often.  Three days of friends, talking, knitting, eating great food, and a hot tub as well!

The second day there was beautiful, clear and sunny, but I just couldn't get warm.  I stayed inside and enjoyed some quieter time, and focused on appreciating that I was able to be there instead of missing walking along the beach.  I did get some photos, which don't show how bright it felt despite the still-low winter sun.  It was a lovely weekend away, and just as nice to come home to my quiet comfy apartment and snuggly kitties :)

February 7, 2013

Summer's Been Sewing?

What a shocking surprise!  It wasn't mere mending or alterations, either.  I cut and basted together a pants muslin of Burda 04-2010 #119, to make navy wool trousers.  I've wanted to sew pants like this for years: the silhouette is great, they're comfy, and they'll look fantastic with my new handknit vest.  

The muslin looked surpisingly good considering I used cotton broadcloth, didn't press my darts or seams, and cut the muslin with only a 6" inseam.  Slapdash all the way!  All sewing was done after dark so I have no embarrassing photos.  Now that I know they fit I'll go back and press seams and give them a better try on, with photos to double check the fit.

All the raves about Burda's excellent pants block are true--the fit is great as is, just a few tweaks in the fashion fabric.  Compared to the Simplicity trouser muslin, in the same fabric, these look practically wearable!  The wool twill is from Fashion Fabrics Club's wool sale last winter, midweight with a nice drape.  I'd considered lining them, to prevent bagging, then realized that was a lot to take on for my first trouser project (though my third pair of non-PJ pants).  I just downloaded David Coffin's Making Trousers... from the library, so perhaps that will convince me to take the leap and line them. 

Burda 04-2010 #119, without cuffs

February 1, 2013

New Year, New Sweater

I saw a photo of this sweater, then saw this bright coral yarn on sale, and had to make the sweater from it.  Plus the pattern designer is tall so no alterations!

So far I have half a sleeve done.  Picasa is being cranky so I only have an old photo, just before I ripped out several inches because I'd been crossing the cables wrong.  But you get the idea.  The yarn's color is really hard to capture, it's like fresh wild salmon.

Blackberry Cabled Cardigan, Alexandra Dafoe
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