July 31, 2011

My Life

I've been coming to terms with a huge downturn in my health.  I'm not well enough for a romantic relationship much less dating.  It's hard to accept and sad contemplating my future alone.  I'm barely keeping up with a few friends and daily life.  It's sad thinking about the latest ex--there's still no one whose company I like better.  But often circumstance plays a much larger role than personality and that's the case here.

Without ongoing projects to post about I don't know how much blogging I'll do.  I've contemplated closing this blog but decided that I can still write about my thoughts.  The quilt is on hold, though still hogging my sewing machine.  I have a few sewing projects ready for when I feel up to it, whenever that may be.  I'm knitting when my arms don't hurt too much.  Mostly I'm getting by one day at a time.  That's what's up with me.

July 26, 2011


I so want to stop hurting enough to go dancing!  Or just run around.  Something fun for a change!

I'm still waiting on the pain clinic, I'll call again today if this migraine eases up.  Now I will be grateful for Netflix streaming while I distract myself with a movie.

July 20, 2011

Prick Stitching

In May I bought a 10 gore skirt (fitted at waist, flared at hem) with embroidery around the hem.  It's lovely :)
However, the fusible interfacing came unfused in spots and the white lining wanted to peek out.  I tried understitching the lining, no luck.  I have matching blue thread so decided to try prick stitching the layers.  My first prick stitch project, at least knowing the term ;)  It requires attention but turned out quite well and works great!

I backstitched using tiny stitches on the front and 1/4" stitches on the reverse.  Where the fusible interfacing (between the skirt and lining) wanted to curl I pinned it flat ahead of my stitching.  I used a 6" sewing gauge to evenly stitch approx. 1/4" apart and from the edge.

In the right light the stitches are quite visible but typically they're almost invisible (except against the white lining, lol)

I love the embroidered cutwork on this skirt, and how the embroidery crosses the seams.  This is definitely a piece I couldn't have sewn myself, and second hand it cost far less than I'd have spent even on fabric!

The other change I made was to flip the hook at the waist: the hook faced in and dug into my skin.  It was loose already, so I reversed and resewed it hook-side-out and now I'm not attacked by my own clothing ;)

July 19, 2011

Ruby Glass and Lace Collections

The main collection I'd like to share is Ruby Glass.  Ruby glass glows in the sun but the sun hid from my photographs!  I hope you can still see why I find it beautiful :)

I have several pieces, most manufactured in the US by Anchor Hocking from ~1940-1960s (more info).  I also own a modern dinner set.

Sherbet cups, a gift from my grandmother
Beautiful details!

Bud vases: two were gifts, one I bought

Windsor pitcher and two goblets
Modern cake plate

View through the cake plate

At right, my modern ruby/clear glass dish set.  It's in a box on a shelf...

I also have some glass pieces in other colors.  This is one of two pressed glass candy dishes I own.  It's holding vintage silk buttontwist :)

One of the fascinating things about clear vintage glass is that it often changes color as it ages.  You can help date pieces, or check their authenticity, based on the color.  A faint yellow color equates to  approx 50yo.  Pale purple makes it Depression era (at least it did 15 years ago, lol).

And an Amethyst glass dish, almost black in color until you hold it up to a strong light.

As I was photographing the glass I realized I have quite a few handmade lace pieces, too.  I realized that these are all cotton as well.  The smaller ones I made or were purchased, the larger ones are family heirlooms.

Bruges Flower lace, a type of bobbin lace

Crocheted bread mat w/ dimensional flowers, Bruges
Closeup: Crocheted mat, antique store find ($1!)

Knit cotton doily, first one I made

Family piece, crocheted dresser scarf of 5 motifs.

A single motif

Another family piece, a crocheted doily
I hope you enjoyed my collections!  Thank you for reading :)

July 12, 2011

1930s Blouse Final Post

Last September I started the Wearing History "Summer in Newport" blouse.  I was excited about the project but the garment doesn't flatter me.  Previous posts herehere and here.  I'm not sure whether it's my fabric, placement of the underbust gathers, or the style isn't for me.  Likely a combination of all of these factors.

I do like the camisole (which I'm not wearing in these photos) and may return to the blouse at some future date.  In November it was too cold to sew, or try on, sheer tops.  The blouse sat in a drawer since then.  The front is cut from two layers of the sheer fabric, the back and sleeves from one.

The main problem was that the blouse made my breasts appear to hang around my waist, though the back looks pretty good.

Front unaltered

The waist line on the front was around my belly button, not at my natural waist (marked at CF).  When I pinned up the midriff portion it did look better, the cowl and sleeves draping nicely.  The neckline is very high and needs to be scooped out.  I had to slit it to be able to button the blouse.
Midriff pinned up, sleeves basted on

Side with a tuck

There is extra fabric under the arms as well and I don't know what to do with it.

Side unaltered

Right: as-is the underarm fabric pulls down the cowl and sags.

Since this fabric is so difficult to work with and results lackluster I'm giving up.  I like some aspects of the pattern: the drapey raglan sleeves, cowl neckline, shaped button back.  I would like to use them at some point even if I don't attempt the blouse again.

July 11, 2011

Universal Truths

 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.
                                                                                    Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice 
All happy families resemble one another, every unhappy family is unhappy after its own fashion.
                                                                                    Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina  

Another universal truth I've found is that everyone likes to talk about themself.  The shyest person can be drawn out simply by finding and listening to what they are most interested in.

We interact with each other on a daily basis yet don't often stop to think how vast the differences in perspective are.  Or how many similarities we have.

Love for friends and family, work, need for companionship, hobbies or interests, all are universal.  So is the desire to excel at something, and to be recognized for it.  A good listener is more valued than a good speaker, and much harder to find.

July 10, 2011


*cue thunderclap*
No sewing has happened because I've had a migraine, basically since Thursday.  Which also makes it hard to type, dammit.  The quilt is still partly quilted, no progress there.  I've slept a lot...watched some movies, got dinner with a friend, snuggled with the cats.

Hopefully I start feeling better soon and can finish the quilt!  I have PT tomorrow, and that usually helps.  I was looking forward to a low-key weekend, but not this :/

July 6, 2011

Finish the Quilt!

I'd better get the quilt finished: the baby's going home tomorrow :)

I've made some progress on quilting, not as much as I'd like, but doing well.  I'm trying not to stress about it and just do a good job.  I'd rather spend a few extra days to add extra detail.  The last couple weeks have been busier than usual so it's cut into my sewing time ;)  Good things, but busy nonetheless.

July 1, 2011

Quilting Oops

What happens when you're practicing free-motion quilting then switch to straight lines?  If you're me and forget to dial down the tension, this:

Back of quilt, white is top thread

I was even feeling proud of myself for remembering to put the feed dogs back up, lol.  At least it was easy to rip out, and shows the quilting lines very well.

Toward the end the bobbin thread broke but the top thread kept looping underneath.  

It's a lovely day today so I may sit at my machine, in front of the window, and quilt later.  But first to run some errands.
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