October 27, 2011

No Yarn Harlot for Me; Halloween

She's here in (not quite) Seattle, speaking as I type!  But Thurs is my PT day and I hurt so much after, so no Yarn Harlot for me.  I've been knitting for 17 years and it's always fun to meet other knitters.

I need to figure out a Halloween costume.  I kind of suck at costumes.  The top contender this year is Troll doll.
Halloween 2010, with borrowed hat ;)

The other idea is to wear black pants with a black velvet stripe, black jacquard corset, black top, and accessories.  I have no idea what this would make me but it sounds cool!  Or I could glue a bunch of yarn and socks to myself and be Crazy Knitter Lady--not exactly a stretch, lol

Last year I was a Lady Explorer, complete with riding boots, khaki pants, fancy blouse, vest and giant hat.  It devolved by the end of the evening, hee hee.

October 25, 2011

Pfaff Presser Foot Review

Stitch-in-Ditch foot, source
One of my birthday presents was an Edge Stitching presser foot for my Pfaff, what they call a Stitch-in-Ditch foot.  I was excited at the thought of almost effortless straight line in-the-ditch quilting--with IDT! (built-in walking foot)

I attached the new presser foot, checked settings, and started sewing.  Sadly, the guide causes a 1/8" gap between the seam and your stitching.  So disappointing!  I played with it some more and always had the same problem.  The foot is being returned. 

Blindhem foot, source
Then I remembered that I'd had good results with the Blind Hem (aka Overcast) foot that came with my machine.  The wire that runs under the foot sits in the ditch very well.  Depending to which side the seam allowances are pressed, I steer with the seam centered on the red adjustable guide or approx. 1/8" to the right, centered on the guide's "blade."

The edge stitching foot I'd originally seen was an older version (L), the new version (R) is the one I tried.

New style, source
Old style, source
I wonder whether the old version stitches closer to the ditch: the blade appears thinner.  It allows for adjustment of needle placement and use of decorative stitches.  The new version has many handy 1/4" markings.  Both are IDT compatible.

I haven't been able to try the old version, though, and am doing fine with the blind hem foot.

October 23, 2011

Exciting Saturday

What a day!  I met up with a date this afternoon and we walked around the Arboretum then got dinner.  I'd invited to him to some friends' pumpkin carving party so we headed off to that.  I got to hold their baby (so cute, and soft), carve my pumpkin, and see friends.

I got home around 10pm ready to relax and read for a while.  Except I heard water dripping while waiting for the elevator...it was raining in the laundry room!  I called building maintenance, walked in my door, and the fire alarm went off.  I didn't even have a chance to fire up my jack o' lantern :(  Heading down the stairs I noticed that half the fourth floor was flooded and water was literally raining down the stairwell.  I'm so glad I live above this!!!  The fire department arrived just as I was leaving.

So I headed to a local restaurant, got a drink and hung out with the friendly staff.  Then headed back home to a no-longer-dripping building.  Apparently someone fell, broke their toilet, and didn't notice for a few hours.  Now I'm ready to read some, return a couple emails, and head to bed.

October 16, 2011

Everything's Possible...

with a flying pig!

My birthday party was last night and this was a party favor/gift.  It's totally awesome, and very entertaining for my cats.

I arrived a little late to my own party and lots of people were there, it was like a surprise party :)  Great to see friends and catch up a little.  I'm always amazed that people show up just to see me!

October 11, 2011

Birthday! and Shoe Trouble

It's my birthday week--that's how my family rolls.  My mom and I visited PikePlace Market yesterday, almost buying out the Piroshky store.  Yum!  I got so many birthday wishes from friends it made me all glowy inside.  Instead of feeling down about turning 35yo I've decided that I really like myself and I'm still lookin' good.  Though I may stay at 35 for a few years, hee hee.

New shoes, zappos.com
My new Docs are too big, like kick-ass waterproof boats for my feet.  Workable with extra insoles and thick socks, not so with tights and a skirt.  So back to the store they will go.  I'd ordered some bright purple Converse and today was refunded, seems they are totally sold out.  Bummer!

I went shoe shopping, again, and found some Ecco Mary Janes which are super comfy and fit the brief.  Though nowhere near the Docs, I will settle and be happy for shoes that don't need breaking in.

October 6, 2011

Baby Quilt Photos

Without further ado:
Quilt measures 57"x48"
Previous posts found here.
I really like that I had enough of the darker print, an almost pointillist design, to bind the quilt.  It adds a lot of interest to the back while blending with the outer border on the front.

I quilted in the ditch around the stars.  Then quilted diamonds in the large white squares where the blocks came together.  The secondary diamond design created is fun :)

The quilting creates a secondary design

Free motion quilted middle border, 
diagonals in outer border match stars' edges
The middle border was quilted more densely, in a loopy style to contrast with the straight lines of the quilt.  The outer border has simple diagonals, which leaves the fabric softer and puffier.  I stitched in the ditch between all borders.
The quilting is quite unlike what I'd originally planned, shown here.

Actual color of backing, cobalt blue

Closeup of quilting on back
I'm working on the label now, testing whether to write the message with Sharpie or embroider it.  Each has its pros and cons, so we'll see.

October 5, 2011

The Quilt is Done!!!

The only thing left to do is make and attach a label, and deliver it :)  And wash it--cat hair everywhere!  As it's autumn in Seattle you'll have to wait for pictures.  I finished the machine sewing over the weekend, then spent way too many hours hand slipstitching the binding down to the back.  I calculated 8 hours, but did speed up toward the end.  But it looks good ;)

And after whining about no dates. or bad dates, I had an excellent date!  We met for coffee yesterday and ended up talking for four hours.  I've felt a little hesitant to spread the news, worrying that it may jinx me, but then I remembered I'm not superstitious.

October 2, 2011

New Shoes

It's my birthday next week and I had a lovely lunch with my mom today.  Then we went shoe shopping.  I found some Docs I really like, and have liked for about 15 years.  My birthday shoes:
Double Buckle Mary Janes  dmusastore.com
The idea is they'll work with skirts and jeans.  They're more unusual, not typical Mary Janes, but still actual shoes and will keep my feet dry.  I loved the Dr Martens store--they complimented my 6yo "distressed" Timberlands :)

The downer in my day was finding out that one of the only other single woman in my knitting group is getting married in a month.  I'd wanted to get to know her better, since she's fun and we seem to have a fair amount in common.  Not so much now.  I'm so tired of being single!

I've almost finished the quilt, though.  The quilting is done and I'm about 1/4 through the binding.  Then to make and attach the label and give it away!  The quilting turned out really well, if completely unlike my original ideas, and I'm happy it's done.  I got some good practice free motion quilting, and broke a few needles.  Side to side is best rather than forward and backward, fyi.  At least on my Pfaff with a vertical hook.
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