January 22, 2012

Crazypants; Or Putting the Fun in Fanatic

More dating stories from yours truly.  I honestly had no idea there were so many broken men out there!  I asked out someone I met at a book group.  This is part of his reply:
Now women are allowed to take the initiative to invite men to certain social gatherings where men are able to then take initiative...e.g. `Hey, there's a hike...' or `party' or `trip' . But if it's just for the sake of `going out', then a man must be the one to ask you.

Whose rules he's citing, I have no idea.  All the people I know, men and women, have no problem with women asking out a man.  Then Whackjob Crazypants said, "You're plenty pretty enough that you don't need to worry that a man you will be happy with will at some point pursue you."  Grrrr.  I'm quite proud of myself, however, as my responses were family friendly.  Nor did they require paging the Grammar Police ;)

Then I had a nice date last night, with a good guy I've seen a couple times.  I had been hoping to find a nice Christian guy but nice and Christian seem mutually exclusive, so I'm happy for an enjoyable date in pleasant company.

January 21, 2012

I Finished Something!

A test hoodie, with some striped knit that wasn't usable for its original purpose.  Or course stripes made it much more time consuming, but now I'm done!  The pattern, Butterick 4198, is pretty good.  Next up is a longer version from coral french terry.

Underneath the hoodie is a dress I'm working on--please ignore the red zipper.

The fabric had interesting selvedges so I cut the hood on the selvedge.  I also sewed on selvedge strips for the front bands.  The fuzzy edges were turned back and topstitched.  I didn't have a zipper for this so left off closures.

Many of the interior seams were serged.  The hems were double topstitched with my sewing machine.

The finish work isn't great.  I had some serger troubles, which a good oiling seems to have fixed, but it looks pretty good from the outside.  I'm pleased with how most of the stripes matched up.  The fronts match up perfectly, they're just misaligned in the photos.

Inside front band (eek!)
Front band 

Side seam

January 18, 2012

So, It's Snowing

For most people, in most places, this would be no big deal.  However Seattle doesn't do snow well, including forecasting it.  See, it doesn't stay below freezing so what was snow becomes slush, then ice.  The city just got wise to salt and deicer--way to be 20th century! lol  A few years ago we had a nice big normal snow storm, where it was 19F for weeks, and most people got around just fine.  After the learning curve...

© seattlerex.com
All of this is to say, sorry for not posting.  It's too cold to sew but I've been knitting, and greatly enjoying handknits while trekking through the winter wonderland.  It's fantastic living in the city, walking to visit friends the last couple evenings :)  There was sledding at the end of my street on Sunday, hoping I can join in today!

January 13, 2012

Progress, of a sort

Wow, can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted the mittens.  They're great: keep my chilly fingers warm, are much admired, and make me happy.  The angora fibers that slipped through to the right side have pilled, but I'll shave them off and be good as new!

I basted together the jumper, and all the extra side seam ease is unnecessary of course.  The back darts are too close together so need unpicked and moved over.  Otherwise it's looking good.

It's been a busy, tiring week so my first priority is taking care of myself.  Also casting on for a warmer hat--240 sts!

January 8, 2012

Finished Mittens!

The best ever super-softy-lined mittens were finished last night and I wore them today :)  I'd run out of white angora but found more squirreled away, enough to finish the hands and start the thumbs.  This meant I could continue the white border along the sides, which makes me happy.  The thumb tips are in brown angora, which is kind of a fun surprise.

They fit great, are very warm but not too much so, and it's still winter!

The inside

I wrote earlier about changing the design on the hand.  The new design was square on graph paper but very squat once knitted.  I extended the pattern by one row top and bottom (with needle and white yarn) on the exterior but left the interior as is.  The second mitten was knitted with the extra rows.  You can see the difference below.

(L) Improved motif, (r) Original motif

The consensus seems to be that these mittens feel so good it's almost wrong!  I can live with that :)

Ran out of white angora

January 6, 2012

Jumper: Fabric's Cut!

My body hurts less and is more functional, I no longer have a sinus infection, so it's time to get sewing!  I just finished cutting the striped velveteen :)  It feels so lovely, looks fabulous even with the nap facing down (longer-wearing), and the needle slips through like butter.  I'm online to check past fitting notes--so helpful!--and now will mark the darts.

I haven't cut the brown velvet trim yet.  I know I want a strip down the front button band.  Depending how that looks, I may trim the armholes and neck with velvet.  Maybe velvet piping, if the velvet plays nicely.  Though I'm leaning toward a more plain look.

The wrong side of the fabric is soft, but cotton, so I'm thinking of adding a lining.  I may sew up a silk charmeuse slip instead.  If I don't line, seam binding sounds like a nice way to finish the edges.

January 1, 2012

Why I Knit

I remember seeing a yarn store for the first time and being amazed by the colors and textures.  I've always loved colorful things and different textures: the smooth silky feel of slips, firm ballet tights, thick wool coats that wrap you up in warmth and security.  Clothes shopping has always been a very tactile experience, feeling for quality as well as assessing by eye.

When I discovered that there were entire stores devoted to selling yarn…!  I still remember the thrill of opening the phone book and seeing listings under "Yarn Store." This was even better than a fabric store, so much different texture and color and purpose from sheep!  This was something I could create while I did other things.  If I made a mistake the fabric wasn't ruined, unlike sewing.

My arthritis has improved a great deal, thanks to modern medicine.  I've been finishing knitting projects like crazy: a sleeve cap to reknit on a sweater, then sew the sleeves in and it's done!  The double knit mittens just need thumbs.  A lacy cowl will be seamed after I post this.  I feel so wonderfully productive!  Hopefully PT goes well tomorrow and I can start sewing again too.  I'm anxious to start the velveteen jumper and maybe wear it this winter.  The mockup will serve as a pattern, I double checked the measurements a couple days ago :)
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