September 28, 2011

My Kind of Test

The kind you don't have to study for :)  I saw my doctor yesterday and got some bloodwork done.  We're checking my herpes zoster antibodies in case I need a booster, in the form of the shingles vaccine.  Also a couple ruling-out-bad-but-treatable-things tests.

I test really well, actually.  But now I'm grown-up and lazy so my favorite tests are the kind where I do nothing.  Except curse that my best blood draw spot happens to be right below a valve in my vein.

September 26, 2011

The Date

The good part of my Saturday date: I've met the guy.  He's no longer a maybe in my mind.  Initially he seemed fine, normal, friendly even.  We talked, he talked more.  Then he started saying strange things and launching into conspiracy theory rants.  The first half of the time was nice, the second half I wanted to run away screaming.

It's tough dating in your 30s because you have to find someone who's a good match personality and lifestyle-wise.  In my case, someone settled with a steady job and health insurance.  There is another potential date, and he seems normal.  One can only hope...

September 22, 2011

I Have a Date!

After feeling sorry for myself on here I got some good news.  I have a date on Sat with a really great sounding guy :)  We're going to walk around and enjoy nice weather before Seattle autumn completely hits.  The really exciting part is that I'm feeling well enough to date!

Besides Sat date-guy, I'm talking with a second guy about meeting up.  Maybe sometime next week, or next weekend.  Dating for me is very much feast or famine--and 2 guys at once is feast in my world.

And a thank you to Celkalee: I hadn't given up hope, was just going through a rough patch.

September 19, 2011


I am surrounded by idiots.  And I have a migraine, for the eighth day in a row.  But back to the idiots: someone (I hope it's only one person) in my building keeps setting off their smoke alarm and then the whole building's fire alarm.  Which calls the fire department, etc.

As soon as the alarms had stopped I hear some old dude-neighbor yelling down the hall.  He's pissed because someone broke a plate in the hall late Fri night, and he blames the boyfriend of a tenant.  So he decides to stand in his doorway and yell at her.  Wtf?  I talked to her today, she's nice.  We bonded over our mutual dislike of drama.

And I'm still single.  I'm tired of being single, of nobody having time for friends, of being too sick to make plans, tired of all this crap.  Why is half a life too much to ask for?

September 16, 2011

Invisible Illness Week

I just read this blog post and was thinking about how invisible illness has impacted my relationships.  It's almost impossible to find a man who's willing to even try to cope.  It's always painful, being rejected for something I have no control over.  People basically say "that's too hard for me to contemplate dealing with, so I'm abandoning you to it, alone."  Which is mean and feels even more lonely than when I started.
I've been having a lot of trouble typing lately: my fingers aren't coordinated with my brain or each other.  Typing has always been harder when I'm in worse pain but not to this degree.  Trying to tease out which of my symptoms are due to pain, or muscle tightness, or ??? is so hard.  Fibromyalgia seems discounted, finally.  I saw a new doctor this week who's actually interested in me, which is huge.  His tender point exam was different from previous ones and avoided tight connective tissue, so I had none of the major diagnostic criteria.  This means that my stupid is either from pain, or something neurological is going on.  Next up I'll try to get tested for Lupus, MS, Lyme, and whatever else my main doc can think of.  I'm trying not to think about more invasive tests, like another EMG.

September 13, 2011


I have a migraine today, but in the past couple weeks I've accomplished quite a few little jobs.
Simplicity 2936

The S2936 raglan blouse is coming along, it just needs the neckline and sleeves hemmed.  I had to do some piecing to create the hem facing on part of the short sleeves, basted the bias neckline facing down, sewed the hem, and trimmed seam allowances.  I played with decorative stitches for the neckline but decided to run light blue perle cotton through topstitching.  I did the same thing on a pair of shorts and really like the effect.

I sewed a satin and lace lingerie holder for a friend's wedding gift.  I so enjoy making things for appreciate people :)

A secondhand linen skirt had a worn patch so I rewove it with matching sewing thread.  It turned out pretty well; though not invisible it's much sturdier now.

I've been knitting a raglan cardi, which looks like it'll be finished just in time for our summer to be completely over.  There's always next year, and it may work over a long sleeve tee.

I wish I had more energy to make some new undies, at least.  I've had less pain, thankfully!  Made it to knit group the last couple weeks and sew friends over the weekend.

September 8, 2011

This Pie's For You

I picked wild blackberries on Labor Day with my mom and baked a pie the next day.  It's super yummy!

My grandpa loved pie almost as much as he loved my grandma.  This pie is dedicated to him, with happy memories of his big smile when I brought him a bowls full of berry pie and ice cream :)  I can't wait to eat pie with again, Pap.

September 3, 2011

1st Blogiversary

On Sept 3, 2010 I started this blog and it's lasted a whole year, so far.  I think that deserves a celebration!  Thank you to everyone who reads what I write: I appreciate every one of you!  You give this blog purpose.

Looking back on the year's photos I see sewing projects started, finished, and still in progress.  Knitted lace for people I love.  There are parties with friends, visits with family, enjoyable days to myself.  A fantastic free pattern haul, beautiful fabrics I'm excited to sew with, and decorating my home.  

I just wish I had more energy to work on more of the projects that pile up in my notebooks.  Perhaps the coming year will allow me more time and focus.  I'm embracing hand sewing since I can relax in a comfy chair rather than sitting at the machine.  An autumn leaf quilt that's an ongoing project might get its borders quilted, binding on, then gradually hand quilted over the autumn and winter.

Fittingly, Blogger pointed out their updated interface so I'm posting with it.
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