September 22, 2011

I Have a Date!

After feeling sorry for myself on here I got some good news.  I have a date on Sat with a really great sounding guy :)  We're going to walk around and enjoy nice weather before Seattle autumn completely hits.  The really exciting part is that I'm feeling well enough to date!

Besides Sat date-guy, I'm talking with a second guy about meeting up.  Maybe sometime next week, or next weekend.  Dating for me is very much feast or famine--and 2 guys at once is feast in my world.

And a thank you to Celkalee: I hadn't given up hope, was just going through a rough patch.


  1. Dearest Summer, I have thought of you often in the last day or so, and hoped beyond measure that what I said did not offend. I understand how fragile hope can be. I am thrilled for you. Beautiful weather, feeling better and new friends, Bravo.

  2. @celkalee
    I'm grateful for anyone who offers encouragement! Thank you :)


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