July 21, 2012


When I read about the shooting in Denver, that it was the worst in recent history, I was so angry.  How and why do we tolerate the ridiculous gun laws in the US?  It boggles my mind that things remain unchanged when average people aren't safe.  Mass shootings get headlines but every day there are gun-related killings that wouldn't happen if dangerous people weren't allowed to own guns!  The US is arming Mexican drug wars, and we get upset when the violence spills over the border.  Isn't there enough pain, suffering and death in the world already, without having to add to it?

July 17, 2012

Lace Scarf Idea

I had an idea today for an unusual lace scarf.  Instead of knitting a strip of lace and surrounding it with borders, how about the border as the whole scarf?  Lace borders typically have one straight and one scalloped edge which I think would be a cool look.  I'd use thicker yarn to speed up knitting and increase warmth.  What do you think?

Some examples of knitted lace borders:

Wave design: EunnyJang.com

Gorgeous wide Shetland Lace: TomofHolland.com

My Rose Trellis shawl

July 7, 2012

Summer Has Arrived (and Kitties!)

It is summertime in Seattle!  The clouds and rain and cold have gone, blue skies and 70+F for days or even weeks at a time are here.  Every year it seems like miracle--I actually forgot that sunshine can feel hot!

I'm knitting another shawl like this, for gift or sale.  Since watching knitting is about as fun as paint drying I give you cute kitties:

Ella, snuggly on my lap

Jake, belly up for maximum heat dispersal,
sleeping with one eye open

July 4, 2012

Value of Not Creating, Part 2

I realized after writing the previous post that I wasted a fabulous post title.  Now that my thoughts have coalesced I'll give it another go.

In the West we live with such abundance.  The easy availability of anything you could ever want is mind blowing.  From clothing to electronics to food, everywhere we look there's excess.  I'm in favor of people creating, especially with their own hands, but at a certain point it's too much.

When your hobby is making things that cover the body, like mine, you eventually have too many dresses or sweaters or scarves.  We love to acquire, it's instinctive to gather while the gathering's good.  I have tubs of stored fabric, a chest of yarn, and I love it all.  But when I look at my life and the lives of those around me I don't see a need for more.  The gathering is always good.

We create beautiful things as a way to add to the world and fulfill a creative desire.  Part of appreciating what we have is being able to see and use those things.  Is having ten gorgeous hats really better than having two or three?  For me less is more.  The beauty of a flower lies not just in its bloom, but in the progress of bud to blossom to seed.  It's all the more lovely because it's ephemeral, and the knowledge that next spring will bring more flowers gives hope and meaning to the routine of our lives.

Happy Independence Day to US readers, and to all worldwide who are blessed to have freedom.

July 3, 2012

Best of the Web!

How about that: I made Be In Style's Best of the Web series!  A big thanks for including me--it's my first feature--and I'm excited to share my corner of the internet.  Welcome to all new readers :)

In lieu of more content I offer a cute picture of my lap cat, Ella.

July 2, 2012

The Value of Not Creating

I'd been feeling down lately because I've not been well enough to sew.  Then I remembered that I have plenty of clothes, which is why I took a break from sewing to begin with.  I just read The Slapdash Sewist's post about shopping as the American pastime.  She's so right!  Whether we're aware of it or not, America exists to consume.

I'm feeling much better about myself now.  I'd love to have the energy on a regular basis to wear dresses and cute outfits, but I feel like I'm doing pretty well.  Moreover, I'm doing my best.  And that's all anyone can ask, even of themselves :)

*This post continues in Part 2, trying to balance creative hobbies in a society of excess.
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