January 16, 2015

Blanket Border 1.0

The grey blanket yarn finally arrived and I've finished the body and am working on the border.  On the plus side: the blanket is big!  On the minus side, the blanket is big!

The first border scheme I tried looks too much like Mork's suspenders are strangling an otherwise classy blanket.  And the scale is wrong.  I'm all for 70s-tastic, just not this time.  I'd like a wide charcoal border but am running low on charcoal yarn.  But I have plenty of light grey ;)

Nanu nanu
I had a pair of these as a kid, loved them!

Border 1.0 on right
After struggling with perfectionist tendencies for twenty years it can be nice to work on something without a clear plan.  It makes my brain itchy to try to solve problems and make decisions on the fly.  But in a positive way that indicates changes in neuroplasticity.

January 12, 2015

Practically Painless Humira Hack

I've been using Humira for a few months now.  The auto-injector was seriously painful, so much that I started dreading the injections.  It's subcutaneous, this should be no big deal!  I don't know why Abbvie say to use the thigh: it's fibrous, more vascular, and generally lacking in subcutaneous fat.  I dislike injecting in my stomach because it bruises easily and is rubbed by waistbands :(

I started injecting in my "hip", better known as the muffin top, where I have more fat and less connective tissue.  I barely felt the first such injection, and the second was much less painful despite inferior aim.  Plus I could actually see the yellow indicator.

I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice but just my opinion.  I refer you to the NIH patient education sheet for details on subq injections.  And photographic proof that Humira is subq:

January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015, from my happiest place on earth

London's Natural History Museum says hi.
copyright National Geographic

I'm sitting in a warm room, with a cat on my lap (and half on one arm), so things are pretty decent so far.  Having only visited one natural history museum as an adult, it's my happiest place on earth.  I should try virtual tours of the Field Museum and Smithsonian.  Then I can have multiple virtual happiest places :)

Earlier I was browsing my bookshelves and realized that it's like having a bookstore in my home.  Curated by me!  I should start looking at more of my art and knitting books, not just them snooze on my shelves.

Happy New Year to everyone, and Stay Sciencey!
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