March 19, 2016

Another Blanket

I finished this blanket before New Year's, but my photos were bad. The recipients were kind enough to take more pictures in their non-blue drenched home and I present: 

I worked on this pretty consistently for four months, not-so-cleverly beginning a month before the wedding. The edging, while gorgeous, was grueling: it's patterned on every row and is almost impossible to memorize. This was nicknamed the Hell Blanket before it was done, but once blocked it sat there looking so pretty and impressive that all was forgiven. And they loved it :D

March 9, 2016

A new sense of pride

Yesterday I finished another Mini Med School series. I attended all six lectures this year, in spite of pain and overwhelming fatigue. We receive certificates at the end, given with the joke that we can frame them. In previous years they had only served as a reminder of how much I've lost to illness so I filed them out of sight. 

But this winter I began to see these certificates with new eyes: I worked tremendously hard to earn them. The merit lies in what I overcame, not in what was achieved.  I refuse to let illness crush me and this is proof.

I will be framing and hanging this year's "diploma" near the others from 2013 and 2015. They demonstrate that the seemingly mundane can be remarkable.

March 5, 2016

Road Trip

In late Feb I took a short trip to Centralia to visit an internet friend. It's a pretty short drive, 1.5 hours, but that still took a toll on me. I planned two days for the visit and got a motel room, an excellent plan.

We had a tea party the first afternoon, then sat and talked for hours. It's so nice to meet and talk in person with someone you have so much in common with. We're both knitters and also have chronic health issues.

The next day we walked around historic Centralia, it's a cool place. There was a little park full of blooming crocuses!

Her husband was hospitalized a couple days before my visit, so before I left town I stopped to say hi. Thankfully he's feeling better and is back home now. I'll just have to make another trip to see them both at home :)
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