December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  May we all have a better, brighter 2012 with more fun, stronger friendships, fewer difficulties and balanced budgets.

December 29, 2011

Vintage 1930s Blouse

I bought this homemade blouse off etsy, the seller stating that it was from the 30s.  The bodice front and sleeves have hand drawn thread work.  The sleeve hems and front button bands are machine hemstitched, which adds a nice touch.  It's a beautiful piece and very wearable.

The top drawn threads had broken in places so I mended those as invisibly as I could.  Gusset strips had been added between the side seams to enlarge the blouse, at a later date as the seam length and thread were different and the quality of sewing was poorer.  I removed those and now it fits great!

Drawn thread decoration
After taking the first few photos I sewed on vintage mother of pearl buttons, and a snap below the last button.  Whomever originally wore this blouse had a pretty short torso.  I'm tall so I also sewed an extension strip to the bottom, from leftover cotton gauze, to keep the blouse tucked in.

Hem extension, attached with running stitch

December 13, 2011

Plaid Skirt Alteration

Finished skirt
I finally have photos to share of the plaid skirt I altered.  The days are so short with few sunny days that it's hard to get good photos.

This skirt was almost exactly one pleat's-worth too wide.  To alter I basted where the new side seam would be.  Then folded out the pleat and pinned the new side seam to check fit.  It was pretty good so I unpicked the side seam and right side of zipper, and sections of the waistband and hem.  Double checked the fit, and cut off the extra fabric.

I resewed the side seam first, pinning to match the plaids.  The zipper is topstitched on so I basted it into place, matching the seams, and stitched down the base of the left side, across the zip, and back up the right side.   The left side has the layers (pleat and pleat underlap) edgestitched together then topstitched to the zipper at 1/4".  The pleats are hand stitched together just below the zip.

I used pinking shears to remove the excess fabric.  The original seams had been pinked and are holding up well.  The hem is covered with seam binding and was machine blind hemmed.  I sewed the seam binding back on, removing a damaged section.  Then steamed the hem to an even curve and whip stitched the hem back down.

Zipper closeup (top edge is skirt's right side)

Someone had done alterations on this skirt already.  The waistband had a length extension.  The zipper had a couple lines of stitching and some unpicked, but not completely removed, thread.  I'm not sure whether someone tried to alter this to be wider, or narrower, or ?   I didn't see any evidence of alterations in the side seams or pleats.  Maybe she just added width to the waist as girdles fell out of favor.  The etsy seller I bought this from had a matching jacket, maybe it provided the extra waistband fabric.

I removed most of the waistband extension before edgestitching the waistband back onto the skirt.  The raw edges of the underlap were turned in and whipped together to minimize bulk.  It looks funny but works great.  The button overlap now covers the waistband extension.

Most of the shaping in this skirt is from angled pleats. They're narrower at the top, taper out to the hip, where the pleat topstitching ends, then are free to the hem.  It's a lovely skirt, lightly worn with no holes, and a nice just-below-knee length.  It requires control top pantyhose or a girdle since the waistband sits around my natural waist and the pleats add bulk, accentuating any tummy.  I don't mind wearing vintage undergarments with my vintage clothes, though.  At least not in winter ;)
Pleat shaping

December 7, 2011

Time Out

I'm sick; a sore throat Saturday evening turned into a sinus infection by Sunday night.  So I'm lying low, drinking lots of water and taking antibiotics.  My eyes are bloodshot from the pressure.  You'd think that my body's incredible autoimmunity would translate to actual immunity, but no.

Last Saturday I did finish altering a vintage Pendleton skirt.  I love the plaid even though it was a size too big.  Removing exactly one pleat made it fit well, and it was ready to wear to celebrate my mom's birthday!  We had a great time doing Christmasy things and eating dessert :)

I have some Christmas knitting going on, too.  I'll post photos of the skirt when I'm feeling better.  I should really make up a couple garments.  Getting started can be hard, especially when sick.

November 30, 2011

Don't Believe Your Eyes

With photo retouching, and even movies being photoshopped, you really can't believe what you see.  Being surrounded by images of so-called perfection is extremely detrimental to a positive self-image.

Researchers at Dartmouth have developed an altered-image rating program.  Check out the before and afters.  Their aim is to create a Photoshop plug-in to warn retouchers who stray too far from reality.  But isn't that often their goal?  A plug-in for web browsers this would be awesome!  Imagine getting real feedback about the photos you see everyday.

November 29, 2011

Shoes, Yet Again

I went a little overboard buying shoes tonight: I bought four pair!  But returns are free and I'm difficult to fit.  My amazing waterproof Timberlands (similar to Docs) are finally dying :(

So I bought a few pair from Zappos:
I love these from Børn, but they only had an 8.5 where I normally wear a 9.  Fingers crossed...

I like saddle shoes, liked the off-white, and Bass makes narrow width.  I ordered them before remembering that there are quality issues and many people have had the soles split.  Bass was purchased in 2004 and the problems started then.

Another pair of saddle shoes, on sale and also in narrow sizes.  Just to hedge my bets ;)  They're Jumping Jacks, mainly a kid's brand, so sturdily made.

Then I saw a fantastic Cyber Monday sale on Willits saddles in black and white, so bought them:
Willits have been making saddle shoes for years and have many widths to choose from.  The white stands up to hard wear better than I'd have thought, and having been married to an Army guy I know how to shine shoes!

The Fedora Lounge has so much info on saddle shoes, I could never have figured this out in an evening without their resources.  Thanks ladies!

I'd been looking at some fab reverse saddles at Muffys, but they're not available in narrow.  If none of these work I'll definitely call Muffy's and ask about sizing of the reverse saddles.
In the meantime I hope my Visa bill doesn't come too soon!
Muffy's Reverse Saddles

November 25, 2011

Urban Birds

© Capitol Hill Seattle
A local Cooper's Hawk was out celebrating Thanksgiving.  It seems pigeons are good for something: attracting hawks! The story here.

Great Blue Herons found two local koi ponds and there are now heron statues to save the fish (dubbed dekoi ;).  Amazing to see wildlife flourish in urban areas.  The raccoons, however, are not well beloved.

November 23, 2011

Christmas Came Early :p

I saw my Dr yesterday and I have arthritis in both hands and wrists, including a really owie bone spur in my pinkie.  This explains the pain when washing my hands, etc, for about six months now.  It's scary to have more hand pain, and continue losing function.

Also my doc is retiring.  He's seen me every 1-2 months for 16 years.  I hope I'll find a good Dr to continue my care but no one can replace him.  He was my safe place in the medical world and guide to adulthood with chronic pain.  And a kind, caring man.  I will miss him greatly.

November 20, 2011

Leaf Quilt--Done!

I finished the autumn leaf quilt!  The blocks were completed several years ago, it remained to sew them together then quilt and bind everything.  The quilt is quite large, about 5' x 6.5'.  The perfect size to snuggle on the couch with a companion :)  Now to find a snuggle buddy...

I'd planned to use some cool free motion quilting designs, before I knew how hard that is.  Instead I quilted mostly in the ditch with some free motion on the white inner border.

The leaves have Art Deco-ish straight line designs, more visible from the back.  I added yellow perle cotton bobbin work to outline the sawtooth border.  I may add a line of burgundy stitching outside the dark red border.

Leaf Quilting

Sawtooth border; free-motion quilting

At right are the sawtooth and white borders.  The edge of the quilt has a 3" wide dark red border, 1/2" white border, then green binding.
More photos here
Back: leaves

The bobbin work was done using a straight stitch, 3.5mm stitch length, invisible nylon thread in the needle and perle cotton in the bobbin.  I bypassed the bobbin case's tension spring when inserting the bobbin.

You can also couch thicker threads, especially textured threads or yarn.  In that case use a narrow zig zag, nylon or matching thread, and pull the thread through the hole in your needle plate if there is one.  A couching presser foot would be even better.  A center pull ball or thread wound around a reused thread spool are good ways to hold the thread, and I typically let it dispense from my lap.

November 18, 2011


Straight from Scotland to you...Wool and November rolled into Wovember!  Because it's cold out and wool is warm :) As a knitter I love wool.  It's great for coats and skirts, too.  And makes the best socks ever!

Plus it's environmentally friendly, sustainable, and sturdy.  Support your local sheep.

As an aside: most wool is processed in China, so check the source of your yarn.  Yarn shops carry local yarn, very nice yarns.  Good fleece spun well will wear longer and better.

November 11, 2011


Today is Veteran's Day in the US.  I'm always mindful and grateful for the friends and family who fought, and continue to fight, to keep us safe.  This is not a day to think about motivations for war, but about the men and women who are uprooted, placed in danger, and do not always come home.
Thank you.

November 8, 2011


Last night I pulled out some sheet music, thinking that I should play my piano keyboard more often.  Of course more than none doesn't take much effort ;)

Today a neighbor with a real piano was playing Moonlight Sonata.  My mom used to play it and it's one of my favorite pieces.  Then, just now, the neighbor started playing ragtime.  Which is funny because the top piece of music I pulled out last night was Scott Joplin, the most famous ragtime composer.  I remember it being pretty technically challenging, though, and was amused when I heard the neighbor thump the keyboard in frustration.

November 5, 2011

Angora Oops

The first mitten is coming along well, except the contrast pattern looked awful.  I chose a new pattern and am reknitting just the pattern stitches instead of undoing everything.

 I didn't take pictures of the first pattern, it was too dark last night.  I reknit most of the new pattern before bed and have only two rows left today!  This may seem like a ridiculous amount of effort, but it's really less work in the end.  Ripping out patterned double knit is quite tedious.

First Pattern (aka The Blob)
New Pattern

The star points were too stubby to show up well.  The new pattern is theoretically four hearts but I choose to see it as a vaguely flower-shaped design ;)

The new pattern looks quite nice.  It takes some fiddling to even out the tension on each row, but not too bad.

New pattern, mitten exterior

November 4, 2011

Angora-lined Mittens

Outer layer
It's starting to feel like winter here.  I remembered some merino wool and angora I had socked away...and decided to make angora-lined mittens.  They should keep my hands nice and warm all winter :)

I'm double knitting them, since it's cool.  You knit two layers of fabric at once using two balls of yarn.  Patterns can be made if you use different colored yarn.  The outer layer is purple merino, the inner white angora.  There will be a snowflake on the back of the hand.  So far I'm to the thumb (the triangley bit on the side).

I'm making my own pattern and being quite clever about it, if I say so myself.  The angora is slightly thicker so I'm using a few less stitches of it, so the inner layer fits inside well.

The easier way to make these would be to knit two separate mittens, joined at the wrist, and stick one inside the other.  But this is much more interesting, and I can knit patterns!

Inner layer, and yarn

October 27, 2011

No Yarn Harlot for Me; Halloween

She's here in (not quite) Seattle, speaking as I type!  But Thurs is my PT day and I hurt so much after, so no Yarn Harlot for me.  I've been knitting for 17 years and it's always fun to meet other knitters.

I need to figure out a Halloween costume.  I kind of suck at costumes.  The top contender this year is Troll doll.
Halloween 2010, with borrowed hat ;)

The other idea is to wear black pants with a black velvet stripe, black jacquard corset, black top, and accessories.  I have no idea what this would make me but it sounds cool!  Or I could glue a bunch of yarn and socks to myself and be Crazy Knitter Lady--not exactly a stretch, lol

Last year I was a Lady Explorer, complete with riding boots, khaki pants, fancy blouse, vest and giant hat.  It devolved by the end of the evening, hee hee.

October 25, 2011

Pfaff Presser Foot Review

Stitch-in-Ditch foot, source
One of my birthday presents was an Edge Stitching presser foot for my Pfaff, what they call a Stitch-in-Ditch foot.  I was excited at the thought of almost effortless straight line in-the-ditch quilting--with IDT! (built-in walking foot)

I attached the new presser foot, checked settings, and started sewing.  Sadly, the guide causes a 1/8" gap between the seam and your stitching.  So disappointing!  I played with it some more and always had the same problem.  The foot is being returned. 

Blindhem foot, source
Then I remembered that I'd had good results with the Blind Hem (aka Overcast) foot that came with my machine.  The wire that runs under the foot sits in the ditch very well.  Depending to which side the seam allowances are pressed, I steer with the seam centered on the red adjustable guide or approx. 1/8" to the right, centered on the guide's "blade."

The edge stitching foot I'd originally seen was an older version (L), the new version (R) is the one I tried.

New style, source
Old style, source
I wonder whether the old version stitches closer to the ditch: the blade appears thinner.  It allows for adjustment of needle placement and use of decorative stitches.  The new version has many handy 1/4" markings.  Both are IDT compatible.

I haven't been able to try the old version, though, and am doing fine with the blind hem foot.

October 23, 2011

Exciting Saturday

What a day!  I met up with a date this afternoon and we walked around the Arboretum then got dinner.  I'd invited to him to some friends' pumpkin carving party so we headed off to that.  I got to hold their baby (so cute, and soft), carve my pumpkin, and see friends.

I got home around 10pm ready to relax and read for a while.  Except I heard water dripping while waiting for the was raining in the laundry room!  I called building maintenance, walked in my door, and the fire alarm went off.  I didn't even have a chance to fire up my jack o' lantern :(  Heading down the stairs I noticed that half the fourth floor was flooded and water was literally raining down the stairwell.  I'm so glad I live above this!!!  The fire department arrived just as I was leaving.

So I headed to a local restaurant, got a drink and hung out with the friendly staff.  Then headed back home to a no-longer-dripping building.  Apparently someone fell, broke their toilet, and didn't notice for a few hours.  Now I'm ready to read some, return a couple emails, and head to bed.

October 16, 2011

Everything's Possible...

with a flying pig!

My birthday party was last night and this was a party favor/gift.  It's totally awesome, and very entertaining for my cats.

I arrived a little late to my own party and lots of people were there, it was like a surprise party :)  Great to see friends and catch up a little.  I'm always amazed that people show up just to see me!

October 11, 2011

Birthday! and Shoe Trouble

It's my birthday week--that's how my family rolls.  My mom and I visited PikePlace Market yesterday, almost buying out the Piroshky store.  Yum!  I got so many birthday wishes from friends it made me all glowy inside.  Instead of feeling down about turning 35yo I've decided that I really like myself and I'm still lookin' good.  Though I may stay at 35 for a few years, hee hee.

New shoes,
My new Docs are too big, like kick-ass waterproof boats for my feet.  Workable with extra insoles and thick socks, not so with tights and a skirt.  So back to the store they will go.  I'd ordered some bright purple Converse and today was refunded, seems they are totally sold out.  Bummer!

I went shoe shopping, again, and found some Ecco Mary Janes which are super comfy and fit the brief.  Though nowhere near the Docs, I will settle and be happy for shoes that don't need breaking in.

October 6, 2011

Baby Quilt Photos

Without further ado:
Quilt measures 57"x48"
Previous posts found here.
I really like that I had enough of the darker print, an almost pointillist design, to bind the quilt.  It adds a lot of interest to the back while blending with the outer border on the front.

I quilted in the ditch around the stars.  Then quilted diamonds in the large white squares where the blocks came together.  The secondary diamond design created is fun :)

The quilting creates a secondary design

Free motion quilted middle border, 
diagonals in outer border match stars' edges
The middle border was quilted more densely, in a loopy style to contrast with the straight lines of the quilt.  The outer border has simple diagonals, which leaves the fabric softer and puffier.  I stitched in the ditch between all borders.
The quilting is quite unlike what I'd originally planned, shown here.

Actual color of backing, cobalt blue

Closeup of quilting on back
I'm working on the label now, testing whether to write the message with Sharpie or embroider it.  Each has its pros and cons, so we'll see.

October 5, 2011

The Quilt is Done!!!

The only thing left to do is make and attach a label, and deliver it :)  And wash it--cat hair everywhere!  As it's autumn in Seattle you'll have to wait for pictures.  I finished the machine sewing over the weekend, then spent way too many hours hand slipstitching the binding down to the back.  I calculated 8 hours, but did speed up toward the end.  But it looks good ;)

And after whining about no dates. or bad dates, I had an excellent date!  We met for coffee yesterday and ended up talking for four hours.  I've felt a little hesitant to spread the news, worrying that it may jinx me, but then I remembered I'm not superstitious.

October 2, 2011

New Shoes

It's my birthday next week and I had a lovely lunch with my mom today.  Then we went shoe shopping.  I found some Docs I really like, and have liked for about 15 years.  My birthday shoes:
Double Buckle Mary Janes
The idea is they'll work with skirts and jeans.  They're more unusual, not typical Mary Janes, but still actual shoes and will keep my feet dry.  I loved the Dr Martens store--they complimented my 6yo "distressed" Timberlands :)

The downer in my day was finding out that one of the only other single woman in my knitting group is getting married in a month.  I'd wanted to get to know her better, since she's fun and we seem to have a fair amount in common.  Not so much now.  I'm so tired of being single!

I've almost finished the quilt, though.  The quilting is done and I'm about 1/4 through the binding.  Then to make and attach the label and give it away!  The quilting turned out really well, if completely unlike my original ideas, and I'm happy it's done.  I got some good practice free motion quilting, and broke a few needles.  Side to side is best rather than forward and backward, fyi.  At least on my Pfaff with a vertical hook.

September 28, 2011

My Kind of Test

The kind you don't have to study for :)  I saw my doctor yesterday and got some bloodwork done.  We're checking my herpes zoster antibodies in case I need a booster, in the form of the shingles vaccine.  Also a couple ruling-out-bad-but-treatable-things tests.

I test really well, actually.  But now I'm grown-up and lazy so my favorite tests are the kind where I do nothing.  Except curse that my best blood draw spot happens to be right below a valve in my vein.

September 26, 2011

The Date

The good part of my Saturday date: I've met the guy.  He's no longer a maybe in my mind.  Initially he seemed fine, normal, friendly even.  We talked, he talked more.  Then he started saying strange things and launching into conspiracy theory rants.  The first half of the time was nice, the second half I wanted to run away screaming.

It's tough dating in your 30s because you have to find someone who's a good match personality and lifestyle-wise.  In my case, someone settled with a steady job and health insurance.  There is another potential date, and he seems normal.  One can only hope...

September 22, 2011

I Have a Date!

After feeling sorry for myself on here I got some good news.  I have a date on Sat with a really great sounding guy :)  We're going to walk around and enjoy nice weather before Seattle autumn completely hits.  The really exciting part is that I'm feeling well enough to date!

Besides Sat date-guy, I'm talking with a second guy about meeting up.  Maybe sometime next week, or next weekend.  Dating for me is very much feast or famine--and 2 guys at once is feast in my world.

And a thank you to Celkalee: I hadn't given up hope, was just going through a rough patch.

September 19, 2011


I am surrounded by idiots.  And I have a migraine, for the eighth day in a row.  But back to the idiots: someone (I hope it's only one person) in my building keeps setting off their smoke alarm and then the whole building's fire alarm.  Which calls the fire department, etc.

As soon as the alarms had stopped I hear some old dude-neighbor yelling down the hall.  He's pissed because someone broke a plate in the hall late Fri night, and he blames the boyfriend of a tenant.  So he decides to stand in his doorway and yell at her.  Wtf?  I talked to her today, she's nice.  We bonded over our mutual dislike of drama.

And I'm still single.  I'm tired of being single, of nobody having time for friends, of being too sick to make plans, tired of all this crap.  Why is half a life too much to ask for?

September 16, 2011

Invisible Illness Week

I just read this blog post and was thinking about how invisible illness has impacted my relationships.  It's almost impossible to find a man who's willing to even try to cope.  It's always painful, being rejected for something I have no control over.  People basically say "that's too hard for me to contemplate dealing with, so I'm abandoning you to it, alone."  Which is mean and feels even more lonely than when I started.
I've been having a lot of trouble typing lately: my fingers aren't coordinated with my brain or each other.  Typing has always been harder when I'm in worse pain but not to this degree.  Trying to tease out which of my symptoms are due to pain, or muscle tightness, or ??? is so hard.  Fibromyalgia seems discounted, finally.  I saw a new doctor this week who's actually interested in me, which is huge.  His tender point exam was different from previous ones and avoided tight connective tissue, so I had none of the major diagnostic criteria.  This means that my stupid is either from pain, or something neurological is going on.  Next up I'll try to get tested for Lupus, MS, Lyme, and whatever else my main doc can think of.  I'm trying not to think about more invasive tests, like another EMG.

September 13, 2011


I have a migraine today, but in the past couple weeks I've accomplished quite a few little jobs.
Simplicity 2936

The S2936 raglan blouse is coming along, it just needs the neckline and sleeves hemmed.  I had to do some piecing to create the hem facing on part of the short sleeves, basted the bias neckline facing down, sewed the hem, and trimmed seam allowances.  I played with decorative stitches for the neckline but decided to run light blue perle cotton through topstitching.  I did the same thing on a pair of shorts and really like the effect.

I sewed a satin and lace lingerie holder for a friend's wedding gift.  I so enjoy making things for appreciate people :)

A secondhand linen skirt had a worn patch so I rewove it with matching sewing thread.  It turned out pretty well; though not invisible it's much sturdier now.

I've been knitting a raglan cardi, which looks like it'll be finished just in time for our summer to be completely over.  There's always next year, and it may work over a long sleeve tee.

I wish I had more energy to make some new undies, at least.  I've had less pain, thankfully!  Made it to knit group the last couple weeks and sew friends over the weekend.

September 8, 2011

This Pie's For You

I picked wild blackberries on Labor Day with my mom and baked a pie the next day.  It's super yummy!

My grandpa loved pie almost as much as he loved my grandma.  This pie is dedicated to him, with happy memories of his big smile when I brought him a bowls full of berry pie and ice cream :)  I can't wait to eat pie with again, Pap.

September 3, 2011

1st Blogiversary

On Sept 3, 2010 I started this blog and it's lasted a whole year, so far.  I think that deserves a celebration!  Thank you to everyone who reads what I write: I appreciate every one of you!  You give this blog purpose.

Looking back on the year's photos I see sewing projects started, finished, and still in progress.  Knitted lace for people I love.  There are parties with friends, visits with family, enjoyable days to myself.  A fantastic free pattern haul, beautiful fabrics I'm excited to sew with, and decorating my home.  

I just wish I had more energy to work on more of the projects that pile up in my notebooks.  Perhaps the coming year will allow me more time and focus.  I'm embracing hand sewing since I can relax in a comfy chair rather than sitting at the machine.  An autumn leaf quilt that's an ongoing project might get its borders quilted, binding on, then gradually hand quilted over the autumn and winter.

Fittingly, Blogger pointed out their updated interface so I'm posting with it.

August 29, 2011


In the course of events I researched WWII British double agents this evening.  I've always been interested in spying, though I'd be a terrible spy myself.  The term double cross comes from that period, named after the office that oversaw double agents--the Twenty Committee, or XX.

MI5, while fairly inept early in the war, were rockstars later.  Every single German agent in England was turned and used for misinformation.  The Double Cross network helped in disinformation campaigns vital to winning the war.  They also kept London from being obliterated by V1 and V2 rockets, agents falsely reporting hits in the city center which the Nazis believed over the telemetry readings!  The rockets were retargeted off course by miles.

Juan Pujol, aka Garbo
The most impressive story, to me, is 'Garbo.'  Juan Pujol, a Catalan man, wanted to help in the fight against fascism.  While living in Lisbon he pretended to be spying from England.  Pujol used reference books to create false reports for the Nazis (the Brtits wouldn't have him at first).  In 1942 he was recruited as a double agent and moved to England.  There he worked with an MI5 agent to report a combination of false and useless, or late, real intel.

Pujol, first in Lisbon and later with his MI5 agent, created 27 false sub-agents, the Nazis paying him for all of them.  These two men accomplished more than any other agent.  Pujol was awarded both an Iron Cross and an MBE.

What I find hilarious is that, despite his intelligence and resourcefulness, in Portugal Pujol couldn't figure out the British pre-decimal currency system!  He would submit expense reports untotalled, not knowing how.  I remember reading Ballet Shoes when young and being utterly baffled by the currency.  Only with the advent of the web and wikipedia was I able to find an explanation of the system.

August 28, 2011

Knits and Wovens

I've been working on a woven top for a while and today (well, yesterday now) completely changed the plan.  I decided I don't like the lace trim for it.  I think I'll use bias strips for the neckline, from the same muslin.  This top has been a lot of work to fit since it's my first raglan project.  The lace will be used for a sleeveless top, or as a waistband, something.

I realized that I rarely wear woven tops lately because most of my trips out are to PT.  And for PT I now need a top that can be pulled over my biceps.  None of my woven tops do this.  It's strange to realize how much this one thing impacts how I dress.  I also have a long torso and RTW wovens rarely fit well, whereas knits aren't a problem.

August 27, 2011

Quilt: Dammit Beavis

I tried quilting the oval-y borders but it didn't work.  I'd forgotten how hard it is to sew curves with a machine.  The stitches and tension were unveven, the curves awful; it looked too much like the version I'd drawn on my camera.

Then I pulled out a piece of muslin and some scrap batting and tried free motion quilting.  This worked a little less well than usual because I hadn't changed to the fancy darning foot.  I'm giving up on oval borders and will be making triangles for the outer border, maybe a straight line bisecting the narrow white inner border.  Or try out some decorative machine stitches.

My time is filled up with medical appointments lately, very unfun.  The pain clinic doc doesn't know what's going on with me or what to do about it.  So I'm doing the rounds (again) and maybe somebody will think of something.  I've tried researching in medical journals but don't have access, and am too ill to go to the nearby med school library.  Many days I feel like Sisyphus.

August 22, 2011

Quilt Part 6

I finished outlining the stars last week!  Now to decide on border quilting designs.  For previous quilts I'd drawn a scale version in color to decide on block placement and borders.  Sketching quilting lines onto the drawing was easy.  This time I don't have a drawing so I used technology:

Curved border design

Option 1

Option 2
Drawn with a stylus on the camera's screen, not very impressive I know.  But better than nothing!

I think I prefer Option 1 with curves on the light blue border, then triangles echoing the star points for the outer border.  I have white thread to quilt the light blue border and cobalt blue thread for the darker border.

For the white areas between the stars, a free motion quilted loopty-loop thing (crudely drawn in Option 1).  Assuming I can get my free motion quilting up to scratch.  I could quilt it by hand but I have even less practice at that.  My other idea is an organic spiral design, also free motion.  I have plenty of scraps so better start practicing...

Previous quilt posts can be found here.
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