November 4, 2011

Angora-lined Mittens

Outer layer
It's starting to feel like winter here.  I remembered some merino wool and angora I had socked away...and decided to make angora-lined mittens.  They should keep my hands nice and warm all winter :)

I'm double knitting them, since it's cool.  You knit two layers of fabric at once using two balls of yarn.  Patterns can be made if you use different colored yarn.  The outer layer is purple merino, the inner white angora.  There will be a snowflake on the back of the hand.  So far I'm to the thumb (the triangley bit on the side).

I'm making my own pattern and being quite clever about it, if I say so myself.  The angora is slightly thicker so I'm using a few less stitches of it, so the inner layer fits inside well.

The easier way to make these would be to knit two separate mittens, joined at the wrist, and stick one inside the other.  But this is much more interesting, and I can knit patterns!

Inner layer, and yarn


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