May 30, 2012

Easy (Almost) Invisible Fair Isle Increase

I wanted to share a simple increase for colorwork knitting.  When used on the thumb gussets of the Peerie Flooers Mittens the result is practically invisible.

Knit to your increase point, knit the stitch with both colors, and you've worked the increase!  For the gusset I increased after the first marker and before the second marker every round.  I really like that it doesn't draw pull the work vertically like a lifted increase.

One downside: both colors of yarn are slightly visible at the base of each stitch, especially before blocking.  Your increase also cannot be the same color as the stitches on both sides.

Insert needle to knit

Wrap both colors of yarn around the needle

Pull both strands through and one stitch has become two

After working 3 inc's on each side

Other side of gusset
The finished gusset

May 23, 2012

I'm Published!

I wrote up a knitting pattern for my Ribbon Raglan Tee, it's available free.  I'm super excited and got some good photos of it, too :)  I've wanted to write and publish knitting patterns for some time but just hadn't had the energy.

I hurt my finger a couple weeks ago and have been trying not to use it, so typing is slow and difficult.  It also put the mittens on hiatus so there just hasn't been much to post about.  Embarrassed to say, but it's the reason I finally sewed the buttons on this sweater ;)

May 22, 2012

Estonian Lace Shawl

Shawl shape
I finished my version of the Rainy Day shawl and just got photos.

Instead of a typical triangle, I made 3/4 of a square by knitting one extra section.  The shawl stays on very well and gives some neat wearing options.  Unless there's a breeze it's warmer than you'd think.

Front and Back views

Right: How I wore it yesterday

May 13, 2012

One Mitten Down...

Or almost.  I'm waiting to finish the thumbs until I've knit the matching hat: changes can be made if I run low on certain colors of yarn.

The mittens were going to turn out a little big as written so I removed one row of red flowers and charted two blue flowers for the tip.  I like the result.  The tip will be seamlessly grafted with matching yarn, I wanted to try them on first though.

Unfortunately I cut myself making dinner on Fri so knitting is on hold.  It's looking much better by today and I know from experience that sharp knife cuts heal quickly.  Stabbings really hurt!


May 6, 2012

Mitten Progress

I'm sick this weekend so will show photos of my in-progress mitten. I was getting very excited about this mitten being close to finished, then I remembered it's only one of a pair ;)  Plus a hat!

Flower pattern

For the non-knitters, the fabric is a little rumply until you steam or wash it.  The final product will be gorgeous.

May 4, 2012

Knitting Flowers

A few days ago I started the Peerie Flooers mittens, an amazing colorwork pattern that's fun to knit.  The cuffs are done in corrugated ribbing which leaves strands of yarn across the back, so they're lined with soft merino.  The cuff edge will be covered in I-cord, a 3st tube.

I'd started the second flower repeat, they're in dark green and red, but didn't like my thumb gusset so ripped back.  I then found a cool way to increase, the tutorial is here.

Mitten so far

I knit "inside out" in the round, which has the benefit of keeping the floats (strands of unused yarn) loose.

Mitten in progress

I have a new header in honor of spring :)  North of Seattle are amazing tulip fields started by Dutch immigrants who found the area very similar to their homeland.  It's a beautiful place to visit this time of year.

May 1, 2012


I got married eight years ago today.  The wedding was great, a party and family reunion all in one.  But it was downhill from there.

I've been single now for five years and much happier now than then.  It's hard to believe how much has changed and how many years have passed since those events.  I'm still hoping to find a lifelong partner, but I've made wonderful lifelong friends which is something I never thought I'd have.  I live in my dream neighborhood and have productive creative outlets in knitting and sewing.  Life is good :)

This also marks my 220th post!  Thank you for reading.
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