May 4, 2012

Knitting Flowers

A few days ago I started the Peerie Flooers mittens, an amazing colorwork pattern that's fun to knit.  The cuffs are done in corrugated ribbing which leaves strands of yarn across the back, so they're lined with soft merino.  The cuff edge will be covered in I-cord, a 3st tube.

I'd started the second flower repeat, they're in dark green and red, but didn't like my thumb gusset so ripped back.  I then found a cool way to increase, the tutorial is here.

Mitten so far

I knit "inside out" in the round, which has the benefit of keeping the floats (strands of unused yarn) loose.

Mitten in progress

I have a new header in honor of spring :)  North of Seattle are amazing tulip fields started by Dutch immigrants who found the area very similar to their homeland.  It's a beautiful place to visit this time of year.


  1. Love the new header and those mittens are awesome!

    Also srry if I don't comment on each entry I check this each day though.

    1. Thanks :) Replies are great but mainly I'm happy that people are reading!

  2. Wow good creative work........................


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